Disclosure: Tracking Decisions Triumph Over Proportionality in Recent Court Decision

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 26 March 2018

By Phillip Buglass, Consulting Lead, Law In Order

In a recent decision in the UK High Court, dealing with scope of collection and predictive coding, the Court confirmed the importance of a defensible and transparent process when it comes to data identification, data collection and disclosure review. The Court also highlighted the need to use senior reviewers when completing a predictive coding project.

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Innovation! Do Courts wait and see or lead the change?

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 20 April 2017

Innovation: something new or different introduced; introducing of new things or methods. Read More

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Law

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 23 November 2016

The legal profession, traditionally slow to embrace technology, is now at least partly embracing the opportunities associated with algorithm driven computer technology Read More

Technology in legal education

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 2 September 2016

What does it mean to be a competent Australian litigation lawyer in 2016? The use of technology in legal education may hold the answer, writes Julian Lambert.
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Moving towards paperlite and environmental sustainability

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 12 August 2016

Almost every law firm is challenged by its desire to reduce paper usage and improve its environmental footprint. Read More

Today’s legal forecast: Cloudy with high likelihood of SaaS

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 15 June 2016

The area of eDiscovery has seen much advancement over the past two decades.  Read More

TAR on our shores

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 18 May 2016

Australian firms not using technology during the course of discovery run the risk of being left behind. Read More

Five steps to improve data security and prevent risks

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 14 April 2016

Data security is an important aspect of any business, especially for those that provide services to clients. For law firms that handle highly sensitive and privileged information about their clients on a daily basis, the need for data security is critical. Read More

Embracing disruptive technology

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 22 March 2016

What options have you offered your client? Read More

Time for Australia to follow suit

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 21 March 2016

Strengthening the argument for legal practitioners and the courts in Australia to be more open to the application of technology on our shores. Read More