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Clients are reviewing matters in Relativity with less than 0.5GB of documents in their workspace. If the documents are already electronic, reviewing them in Relativity is the obvious solution. Commencing your review in Relativity enables you to scale up when the matter expands.

Your review team can collaborate much more effectively in the platform, you can isolate documents for production, issues tag and redact documents quickly, and access the documents and your notes from anywhere, at any time.

Law In Order has been awarded Relativity Best In Service certification in Australia. We can provide you with Relativity’s latest features administered by high proficiency Relativity Certified Administrators. We have one of the largest, and most experienced teams of Relativity Consultants in the Asia Pacific region.

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First thing's first. It is important to remember that nothing is ever deleted. If a 500GB data set is reduced to 100GB through the use of early case assessment technology, the other 400GB is still available for review, it's just stored separately. 

At the outset of any project, Law In Order's consulting team will work with the client to develop a strategy aimed at reducing the amount of data to be reviewed. This might include removing duplicate documents, threading emails or discounting data that falls outside a particular timeframe. The culling methodologies employed will vary depending on the strategy agreed with the client and the type of data to be identified.

All of the technologies that we use at Law In Order have been developed specifically for the legal industry and are inherently conservative. For example, the tools we use for technical de-duplication of documents will only remove documents from a set that are absolutely identical - those that share the same MD5 value. If a document is almost identical to another but has one additional full stop or is saved in a different format, it is not a technical duplicate and will not be removed from the review set.

The use of early case assessment technology and techniques such as de-duplication have been endorsed by courts across Australia, and provide a quick and easy way of removing duplicate or irrelevant data from a review set in a low risk and defensible manner, leading to significant time and cost savings.

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Yes, of course you can.

We understand the importance of fast and transparent communication when it comes to legal process outsourcing, as well as the convenience of online ordering. Our Job Management System (JMS) enables clients to request, control and track jobs easily online.

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No, we do work for everyone.

Although Law In Order's client base is predominantly legal firms, we do cater for all types of businesses that require document management and data technology services.

Whether it's printing and binding tender and proposal documents, or training handouts for an upcoming  workshop, why not use the business that lawyers trust for your corporate documentation needs?

No, we do not.

As we are a true 24/7 operation, we do not charge a surcharge for after hours or urgent work. We always have staff on hand to assist.

No job is too urgent, big or small. You can be certain that Law In Order is capable of handling large volumes of work. Our high volume printing/copying machines are capable of producing over one million pages per week!

Law In Order standard payment terms are COD (Cash on Delivery) unless we have granted you 30 days payment from invoice date.

If you are interested in a 30 day credit account, please click here to download an application form.

At Law In Order, we take security and confidentiality very seriously.

Law In Order have rigorous protocols in place to ensure our client's data and documents remain highly secure and confidential. Should you require more information, please contact us.

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