Secure cloud based private and public web streaming solutions

Law In Order utilises Livestream Studio by Vimeo, along with the latest top of the line audio and video hardware to deliver secure cloud based private and public web streaming solutions.

As a result of our significant experience, Law In Order's eHearings team are experts in the delivery of web streaming services, including all requirements for live webcasting of all hearings, captioning services, recording, archiving, audio/video trimming, editing and providing all equipment (including livestream server/CDN Platform.

Key Benefits
  • Flexibility - our eHearings team will seek input from you regarding camera settings, angles, lighting, audio, graphics etc
  • Experienced Operators - our web stream operator manages all content displayed for the web stream and is able to switch between content and ensures no inadvertent disclosures occur.
  • HD Quality – we maintain broadcast quality HD recordings for each session with edited sections can be made available to the media if required.
Our Services
  • Project management
    •  Law In Order's ehearings team will oversee all elements of the streaming service, from the initial setup of the hearing room through to the close of each hearing, liaising with stakeholders to ensure the technology runs smoothly and the web stream is operational and secure.
  • Hearing room fit out
    • Law In Order's  ehearings team will install all the web streaming technology and software as required to conduct web streaming while maintaining a light footprint in the hearing room. 
  • Scalable and customisable infrastructure
    • Law In Order has the capability to completely customise the look and feel of the web stream, with advanced functionality such as a picture-in-picture layout to display a hot-tub of witnesses and the capability to display evidence being referenced in the hearing room. 
  • Integration with Law In Order's videoconferencing solution
    • This will enable videos of virtual attendees to appear on the web stream seamlessly with in-person attendees when conducting a virtual or hybrid hearing.
  • Web stream
    • The web stream will commence prior to the commencement, with muted sound and the project banner displayed. During breaks, the banner will be displayed with information advising when the event will resume.  
  • Reporting
    • Daily reporting on web stream analytics and statistics. 
  • Media Outlets
    • Media can be provided with a delayed feed connection for recording live broadcasting purposes.
  • Website Link
    • Facilitating the link from your website to the live events. 

Law In Order can also provide web-setup, hosting, password-private link provision of live streaming from hearing room, trimmed video for media requests requiring footage, management of the on-demand public video archives.

Additional Inclusions Law In Order can provide:
  • Graphics package
  • Same day media archive
  • Dedicated external hosting servers
  • Reporting
  • Non-publication orders
  • Web stream delay system
  • Redactions
  • Archiving the daily web stream
  • Captioning
For a demonstration, contact our expert team.