Live Web Streaming

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Live Web Streaming enables proceedings to be broadcast over the internet. We offer secure web streaming from the hearing room, a service which is suitable for both public and private hearings.

Many people who wish to attend public proceedings are unable to due to issues surrounding location, work and mobility. Web-casting technology removes these barriers and makes hearings truly public.

By implementing professional grade technology solutions, we enable HD quality videos in full. This service delivers uninterrupted streaming, even in high demand situations. 

We utilise the latest video production techniques, which range from picture-in-picture views of multiple cameras to having a professional webcast operator transition between shots as the hearing unfolds. Furthermore, corporate branding can overlay the feed to show the speaker’s name, organisation and company logo.

Where necessary, censorship can be applied in real-time with audio masking and picture distortion.

Archives of the content can be provided at the end of the hearing or hosted in the cloud for general access.

Key Benefits

Tick.pngFull High Definition quality video

Tick.pngAccessible on any device

Tick.pngCan be set up within 24 hours

Tick.pngCost-effective solution


"..the ability to webcast television footage or stream part of the proceeding (eg. the handing down of a judgment)."

Federal Court of Australia:Technology and the Court Practice Note (GPN-TECH)

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