Standing Orders

End-to-end management of Standing Orders.

Working closely with both state and federal government agencies, Law In Order is experienced at providing end-to-end management for a number of Standing Orders.

Practised at the development of draft protocols for the handling of Standing Orders.

Our protocols create consistent workflows for agencies in the management of high volume Standing Orders document production requests. It also details custom key requirements and the handling of the following sections specific to our client. An example of a protocol may include:

Tick.pngKick-off meeting agenda and scoping

Tick.pngWorkspace and review platform configuration

Tick.pngData transfer and processing


Tick.pngRedaction instructions

Tick.pngIndex preparation

Tick.pngPrinting and delivery instructions

Subsequent Productions and Ongoing Support

There have been instances where subsequent productions have been required some time after the first production.

Find out more about the key events that are undertaken upon notice of the subsequent notices to produce: Contact our team

Case Studies

Case Study One

The Challenge: The client was served with a Standing Order with a due date of 45 days.

The Outcome: We were able to successfully deliver the production since inception in 27 days and provide both printed and electronic versions of the production to the client.

Case Study Two

The Challenge: The client is a department of the NSW State Government and was served with a Standing Order. The client’s IT team uploaded 10GB of email data to our FTP to be processed and uploaded to Relativity.

The Outcome: The production was finally printed and delivered accordingly. We were able to deliver the production since inception in 22 days.

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