Law In Order is a RelativityOne Gold Partner, recognising we have provided an exceptional service experience to our RelativityOne end users. Law In Order is Australia’s first Relativity Partner, since 2009.

We offer a complete end-to-end eDiscovery service across the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), from data scoping, identification and collection, to processing, analysis and document review, all the way to evidence management, document production and presentation.

Take a step up into RelativityOne. Secure cloud-based review.

Our highly skilled team of RelativityOne certified global consultants are ready to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

Got a lot of data? We have the solution.

We live in a digitised society and organisations are having to manage and store exponentially increasing volumes of data from a seemingly limitless number of applications and devices. Managing data correctly can ensure litigation readiness, mitigate compliance and security risk, and provide opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Knowing where data is stored and how to retrieve it in a defensible manner is key.

At Law In Order, we empower clients to take control of their data, mitigate risk through through QA and the latest methodologies, and gain insight from their data using the powerful tools and analytics of RelativityOne eDiscovery platform.

Your legal team can access RelativityOne as you need it – case by case or on an ongoing basis. Tap into the expertise of our technical team and cutting edge RelativityOne eDiscovery software without the overheads.

Get the tools you need for your next litigation, investigation or regulatory request from RelativityOne.

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Why Choose Relativity?

RelativityOne and Law In Order provide all the tools you need to tackle the management and analysis of large data sets, regardless of how unique the challenges are. Whether it’s litigation, investigation or regulatory request, RelativityOne has the tools for every phase of the project for even the most complex cases.

RelativityOne uses advanced analytics, machine learning and data visualisation to quickly sift through volumes of unstructured data and uncover the facts including:

  • Email threading
  • Textual near duplicates
  • Concept searching
  • Continuous active learning
  • Assisted review
  • Review messenger services (eg. Slack, Skype)
  • AV for streaming videos in viewer

Clients can access applications that increase RelativityOne’s capacity, including native redaction in excel and auto-translation.

Collect client data quickly, securely and in a defensible manner seamlessly into RelativityOne from the most popular enterprise platforms without leaving the security of the cloud.

RelativityOne enhances your investigation by expanding the standard set of tools used to find and analyse data and document findings.

Our certified Relativity specialists, backed by our Innovation Lab, offer tailored RelativityOne solutions to support your legal team.

RelativityOne - An Overview

RelativityOne moves Relativity’s eDiscovery platform into the cloud, providing improvements in security, cost efficiencies and the ability to seamlessly scale up projects on demand.

Combining the most up-to-date inclusions of Relativity with added security features Calder 7 and Microsoft Azure. Keep up with performance during peak times with the added elasticity of cloud storage. Take advantage of the best user experience provided by RelativityOne’s ongoing monitoring and regular patching and upgrades.

Our Relativity experts can construct bespoke workflows, analytics, dashboards and automation onto the RelativityOne platform designed specifically for your project.

As a certified RelativityOne Migration Partner, you can trust us with the migration of your data from any platform into RelativityOne.

Our world-class Law In Order Relativity solution is custom-built for every client. The creative minds in our Innovation Labs use the full extent and power of the RelativityOne platform to create apps that overcome the challenges our clients face day-to-day.


The RelativityOne Advantage

Security-icon.pngKeep Your Data Safe

Proactive threat prevention, automated security processes, and leading compliance certifications – including ISO 27001, SOC-2 Type II, HIPAA, and FedRAMP – give you peace of mind. 


Maze-Icon.pngBespoke Solutions

Regardless of the size or complexity of your matter, we can create a bespoke solution for every challenge your team is facing.


Lightbulb-icon.pngUnparalleled Support from Industry Experts

Our highly skilled team of RelativityOne certified global consultants and project managers can help you reduce the time and cost of the discovery process.


Time EfficientLIO_Icons_(Speed_Clock)_Nov21_v1.png

RelativityOne provides elastic storage in the cloud that automatically scales during peak times for faster performance at no extra cost.


LIO_Icons_(Crossed_Spanners)_Nov21_v1.pngLaw In Order Expertise

Our Relativity experts can construct bespoke workflows, analytics, dashboards and automation onto the RelativityOne platform designed specifically for your project.


LIO_Icons_(Head_w_Cogs)_Nov21_v1.pngLatest Version

As RelativityOne functionality is updated and innovations are released, Law In Order clients will have first access.


RelativityOne for Investigations

Discover the complete story as quickly as possible. When your reputation is at stake, every moment is critical. Find crucial data faster and leverage your time with Law In Order and RelativityOne.

Enable your in-house team to locate the vital information when problems first surface.

  • Follow conversations between platforms - effortlessly obtain what you need directly from an employee’s space—from Microsoft 365 to Slack, Teams, Google Workspace and more
  • Immediately find critical information - automatically remove the pile of duplicate and unrelated documents before review even begins
  • View the complete picture - see your data in chat native applications. Identify conduct of concern, including out-of-hours communications, emails delivered across domains or files that have been manipulated

Service Partner for RelativityOne


  Are you operating in-house but would like to get more from your RelativityOne investment?

  Law In Order is a RelativityOne services partner which means we are specialists in RelativityOne. Take  advantage of our experience to leverage the full RelativityOne offering. 

  Our consulting team can assist with RelativityOne across a diversity of issues.

  Speak to us about maximising your RelativityOne investment today.

Relativity Specialist Certifications 

  • Relativity Masters (1)

  • Relativity Experts (2)

  • Relativity Certified Administrator (3)

  • RelativityOne Certified Pro (15)

  • RelativityOne Review Pro (10)

  • Relativity Project Management Specialist (2)

  • Relativity Processing Specialist (5)

  • Relativity Analytics Specialist (3)

  • Relativity Review Management Specialist (8)

  • Relativity Certified Sales Pro (12)

Relativity Applications