One platform for collaborating on key documents, transcripts, insights, themes and strategies from anywhere.

Law In Order has been utilising LEXEL  for over 8 years to deliver secure cloud based private and public solutions, through one portal.

Our Services
  • eBundle Creation
  • Case Management
  • Case Preparation
  • Transcription (Real Time)
  • Work Group Collaboration
  • Video Conferencing
Key Benefits

Sharing of large volumes of documents

  • Law In Order’s web-based solution enables the rapid, accurate, confidential and auditable sharing of large volumes of documents, data and audio-visual material between the court/tribunals and parties.


  • Law In Order has proven systems in place and have fully trained staff who follow strict protocols.

Online Hearing Book Hosting

  • Law In Order manages all evidence within the hosted Online Hearing Book and the solution is supported by extensive collaboration and records management features and functionality.


 Features and functionality

LEXEL allows parties to quickly search, view and annotate all the documents within the workspace from the convenience of any internet browser, and share notes with other users in real-time. Additional features include:

  • Flexible Design
    • The ability to structure the home page to meet the unique needs of each matter.
  • Reporting
    • Capture and report on all the user and group activities related to the evidence, transcript, exhibits and documents referenced during each hearing.
  • Instant Messages
    • Send instant messages and extracts of transcript and evidence to other team members.
  • Real-time evidence distribution
    • Manage in real-time the distribution of evidence, transcript and associated markings between teams of users collaborating within and external to a law firm.
  • Document / evidence / transcript / case law linking
    • LEXEL facilitates the use of automated two-way hyperlinks to relevant exhibits on both real-time and historic transcripts. The server can handle linking transcripts with tens of thousands of exhibits with minimal system resources.
  • Evidence management
    • Full-text searching across the entire repository and other features for marking up, private notes and annotations.
  • Workgroup collaboration
    • All parties and the Judicial team can annotate, mark up, upload and download evidence with tight security to ensure confidentiality is maintained in a private review case.
  • Evidence upload and download
    • All parties and the judicial team can upload and download evidence from the Online Hearing Book.
  • Transcripts
    • Historical transcript can be viewed and searched, as can "today's pages" of the real-time transcript and dynamically generated hyperlinks to evidence as it is referred to in the hearing.
  • Evidence presentation
    •  Includes dual-page presentation, call-outs on graphs, paragraphs etc
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