Analytics is search technology which goes beyond keyword searching, it helps manage electronic information based on the content.

Using Analytics in the documents review workflow can save a significant amount of review time which then allows lawyers to spend more time crafting their case strategy. It ensures a consistent and high quality work product is achieved and reduces the risk of inadvertent disclosure of privilege or confidential documents. Ultimately it enables law firms to provide a cost effective, high quality services to all clients.

It can be applied to any part of the review process from the organisation of information and data analysis to document review and quality assurance.

The analytics engine can automatically categorise documents by identifying themes within document sets and group together documents with a common theme. It is also possible to find similar documents based on just a few lines of text, whole paragraphs or seed sets of example electronic documents. When using this technology effectively within the review workflow it is possible to quickly prioritise review, allowing for the most relevant documents to be reviewed first.

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