Evidence Presentation

Presentation impacts results. Our solutions support you in achieving winning outcomes.

Our evidence presentation services allow for the instant retrieval and display of documents in the hearing room. We offer experienced courtroom operators who are familiar with the software used, and we can even provide training to interested parties so they can present evidence themselves.

Our evidence presentation solutions allow your team to present evidence in real time in a hearing room or to a remote witness.

Our purpose-built evidence presentation software suite pre-loads the electronic evidence from the entire Online Hearing Book database to allow for the most rapid display possible. Our experienced courtroom operators are flexible and highly responsive to the needs of Counsel, allowing them to focus on the examination and cross-examination of witnesses. Our operators are equipped with the tools to display several documents on the screen simultaneously, magnify any document where required, emphasise particular sections of text with callouts, and even mark up evidence with annotations.

At the conclusion of each hearing day, the operators will also compile lists of exhibits tendered and documents displayed during the hearing, which will then be circulated to the parties and Judge for their records. These lists are also made available in the Online Hearing Book, where they are fully hyperlinked.

Key Benefits

Tick.pngClear and simple evidence presentation

Tick.pngIncreased efficiency of proceedings

Tick.pngInstant retrieval of documents

Tick.pngExperienced and flexible courtroom operators

Tick.pngReduced need for hard copy court books

Tick.pngIntegration with Online Hearing Book

Tick.pngFeature-rich, purpose-built software solution


  "..can I also record my thanks to Law In Order, and particularly Jason, for the way that the computer operating has been done in this case. In my view, it has saved days and days of court time and we're very grateful, thank you."

Justice T Forrest - Supreme Court on Paul Redmond Mullet v Christine Nixon & Ors Location: Supreme Court of Victoria

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