Women in eDiscovery Series

Join Tina Kloiber, Lead Consultant, to hear about her pathway into eDiscovery, the challenges and high points, and an insight into an average day in eDiscovery. Tina also discusses the trends she is seeing in eDiscovery and shares stories on some interesting matters she has worked on. (4min38sec)​​​

Managing Through a Cyber Incident

Stu Mort, Global Head of Consulting and Chief Security Officer, gives a high level overview of the key considerations when responding to a cyber incident. (5:32)

Q&A Series

John Cleary Shares his Experience from Three Royal Commissions (Part 2) (10:42)

How to Respond to a Royal Commission Request? with John Cleary (Part 1) (23:04)


Virtual Proceedings Solution (01:30)

Document Review

Two Case Studies (4:33)

About Law In Order

Corporate Overview (2:00)

Document Management (0:55)