Supply Nation

Law In Order’s membership of Supply Nation reinforces our commitment to diversity both within our workforce and procurement processes.SN_Member_ART-(2).PNG

Our membership of Supply Nation provides opportunities for our staff to be involved in initiatives designed to promote greater inclusion of Indigenous people. We recognize the value of a diverse supply chain to drive innovation and flexibility within our organisation, and we also believe that by ensuring that our procurement decisions include Indigenous businesses, that we can contribute to greater economic empowerment of First Australians and contribute to ‘closing the gap’.

Supply Nation Chief Executive Officer, Ms Laura Berry, said “We are delighted to welcome Law In Order into the Supply Nation community and look forward to working with them to develop their supplier diversity footprint. The measure of our collective success will be in the value of transactions between Law In Order and Indigenous businesses”.

About Supply Nation

Supply Nation connects its membership to Indigenous suppliers to build a vibrant and prosperous Indigenous business sector by incorporating Indigenous owned businesses into the supply chain of Australian companies and government agencies.

Supply Nation’s mission is to facilitate, encourage and promote business between corporate Australia and Government agencies and Indigenous owned businesses. 

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Gender Pay Gap Statement 

Law In Order strives to support its employees by building an inclusive, culturally aware, and diverse workforce. By recognising and acknowledging the existence of gender pay gaps and their impact on equality we are committed to fostering a path to closing the gap. According to WGEA, the gender pay gap in Australia is currently 21.7%.


Law In Order’s results for the reporting year 2022-2023 are:

  • average total remuneration gender pay gap is 4.8%
  • median total remuneration gender pay gap is 9.8% (against an industry comparison of 16.2%)
  • women represent 36.6% of our workforce


Since the last reporting year, we have continued our efforts to address imbalances across our gender composition. Whilst this has helped us reduce the gender pay gap YOY, we recognise that closing the gender pay gap is an ongoing pursuit and by addressing the underlying factors contributing to the gap, we can create a more equitable workforce.