Law In Order Certifications

Law In Order has been assessed and certified by Compass Assurance Services and is now certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

Quality Management System (QMS) certification is important to both our internal and external stakeholders. We are committed to quality, leadership, and to a processes approach to delivering services.

What this means to our clients is that LIO is committed to total quality management; a customer focus, a continually improving process approach implemented throughout the organisation, critical processes and their interactions are understood and documented, and a strong management commitment to all these facets of the ISO 9001 QMS. Plus, all of these quality management system facets are verified by an independent third party who understands ISO 9001 QMS as well as the industry in which the organisation operates.

Law In Order will always remain true to our company vision and this certification cements our commitment to Service - "Deliver services that anticipate and exceed our client's wants and needs".

ISO 9001 Quality Key Principles

  • Customer Focus – understand what your clients want, engage with your customers and verify you are delivering what they wanted
  • Management Focus and Leadership – unity of direction, purpose and focus. Creating an environment to achieve
  • Worker engagement – a system for all people at all levels in the organisation
  • Systematic Approach – realise and manage all the interrelated processes that go into your organisation
  • Continual Improvement – strive to do things better
  • Measurement & Analysis – factual approach to decision making


Law In Order has been recognised and certified by the Printing Industries Association Australia at Level 2, Sustainable Green Print (SGP) for its sustainability practices nationally.

SGP, through Printing Industries Association Australia (PIAA) provides the only certification program geared towards the printing industry and goes well beyond the idea of simply recycling materials and using ‘green paper.’

SGP is the Australian printing industry's own recognisable certification program designed to help printing companies meet their environmental responsibilities and go above and beyond compliance. Based on an ISO14001 framework, SGP is tailored to meet business requirements, the demands of customers and the changing trends in dealing with managing environmental responsibility.  SGP’s third-party validation of sustainability also ensures that a company isn’t simply ‘green washing’ in order to enhance its corporate image for the marketplace.

In order to receive SGP certification, Law In Order must comply with state laws nationally, implement best practices across the organisation and commit to continuous improvements in sustainability, waste reduction management and efficient energy consumption. The process covers record-keeping, compliance, cleaner production & waste management practices as well as establishment of an environmental management system. The accreditation process involves comprehensive environment management and control including the tracking of waste streams. It also brings into focus energy consumption and carbon footprint. SGP Level 2 provides key performance indicators for printing businesses covering waste, recycling, energy, water, incident management, energy and air emissions.

The final step in SGP certification is an on-site audit conducted by an independent, auditor who tours the facility and reviews documentation associated with the application. The SGP audit of LIO’s premises was completed in late March 2014. LIO must provide reports and submit to audits annually in order to maintain its certification status.

“Sustainability is very much a core part of LIO’s culture.” said Julian McGrath, LIO’s Managing Director. We established an Environmental & Sustainability Committee in 2012 with view to ensure that LIO’s operations & processes do not cause too great an impact on the environment as well as seek ways to ensure a sustainable future. LIO is also signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and this certification furthers demonstrates tangible actions to support the Ten Principles of the UNGC” continues McGrath. “The SGP certification validates our hard work and strengthens our commitment. It’s something that all of us can be very proud of.”

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