Jury Book Solution

Electronic solutions for every step of a winning hearing.

Our highly secure digital Jury Book offers secure and efficient delivery of evidence to jurors via tablet.

How Does it Work?

All participants in the court, legal teams and jurors are provided with a tablet.  All tablets are colour coded to the relevant group and labelled and numbered to identify the allocated user.

The master tablet is controlled by the prosecution team. The master tablet displays the password for all participants for a required document, each user enters the password on the document and access is granted.

Counsel and legal teams provide the password to jurors to access specific evidence in real-time. This evidence may remain accessible on the tablet for the duration of the hearing.

Reduce operating costs and optimise efficiency with digital Jury Books

Key Benefits

Security - Each tablet has a unique password and evidence is encrypted and password protected. Access to the internet, local browsers and other tablet software is disabled.

User Experience - Page navigation, viewing angle and viewing distance is under each juror’s individual control.

Up-to-Date - Evidence is kept up-to-date with the latest document additions, replacements, redactions and other modifications.

Timing - The password unlocking method ensures evidence is only provided to jurors when appropriate during the hearing.

Economical and Eco-Friendly - Cost-efficiencies from not printing bundles for a group of jurors

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