Court Book Preparation

Take the stress out of Court Books. Talk to the experts.

We can assist with the preparation of Court Books, Hearing Books, Trial Bundles, Evidence Books, etc to comply with any orders specific to your matter and any practice notes or guidelines for the court or list the matter is in.

In most Australian courts, there are no rules or guidelines for how to put together a Court Book. It’s easy to get confused. Our Court Book team have the experience to guide you through the process.

Court Books

Talk to us as soon as possible and together, we will create a process to avoid unnecessary delays or issues when it comes to production of the Court Book.

The following Courts have specific practice notes relating to the preparation of Court Books:

Tick-(15).pngNSW Supreme Court Equity Division - Commercial List and Technology and Construction List

Tick-(16).pngVictoria County Court – Commercial List

Tick-(17).pngVictoria County Court – Common Law Division

Tick-(18).pngVictoria Supreme Court – Commercial Court

Tick-(19).pngVCAT – Building and Property List

Tick-(20).pngWA – District Court – Civil matters

Tick-(21).pngPapers for Judge

Tick-(22).pngTrial Materials

Tick-(23).pngWA – Supreme Court – Commercial and Managed Case List

Where there are no specific orders or the matter is not being heard in one of the above Courts, we can help to make your Court Book easy to use and navigate by assisting with:


Tick-(25).pngIndexing with page referencing

Tick-(26).pngInserting documents in folders

Tick-(27).pngPutting documents behind numbered dividers referenced to the index

Tick-(28).pngPrinting double-sided

Tick-(29).pngRe-formatting odd-sized documents

Tick-(30).pngPreparing a cover page

Tick-(31).pngPreparing multiple copies


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