Easily and Efficiently Render Files to PDF using One Single App

The PDFPrimer™ is an application that renders files to PDF format, supporting 85 different file extensions. It can render spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, drawings such as maps or plans, and emails and their attachments.

PDFPrimer™ is designed to be an efficient tool to assist with document exchange, document review, document production, eDiscovery, electronic compilation, and hard copy printing.

Why Use PDFPrimer™?

  • One place to render emails, spreadsheets, word documents and more.
  • A simple first step before larger tasks, such as applying OCR or Objective Coding.
  • PDFs are accepted across all eDiscovery platforms and easy to ingest.
  • Full control over final render output, including paper size for printing needs.
  • One filetype to review a set of documents.
  • Bulk processing of files to save time.
  • PDFs are an industry standard for review and preparing work product.
  • Reports can be generated for quality assurance checks and allocate resources for further data manipulation.
  • Ability to save selections for future use.

Who Benefits From Using PDFPrimer™?

  • Legal tech and forensic investigators.
  • Migrating documents into Relativity, Nuix and other eDiscovery platforms.
  • Producing or exchanging documents with opposing counsel.
  • Preparing court books for an eHearing.
  • Finalising indexes, witness statements or expert evidence.
  • Preparing print or electronic bundles

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