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A Guide to Appeal Book Preparation

To ensure your organisation is on the front foot, we have put together a guide detailing the steps you can take if you are required to prepare an Appeal Book.

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Royal Commission Checklist

There are preparatory steps that your organisation can take if required to submit information to a Royal Commission, so any Notices to Produce can be complied with in a timely and cost effective manner.

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Adopting eDiscovery for Internal Investigations

Inhouse counsel are often the first to be called on to manage an internal investigation. How can you effectively plan for and manage these investigations?

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The rise and rise of electronic discovery and review and how you can get on top of it

What can you and your internal and external clients do to get on top of eDiscovery and deliver better outcomes, faster and with less resources?

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Bring your case to life

The acceleration of technology and explosion of data has rewritten the rules for the entire litigation process and is therefore changing how evidence should be presented.

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