Five steps to improve data security and prevent risks

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 14 April 2016

Data security is an important aspect of any business, especially for those that provide services to clients. For law firms that handle highly sensitive and privileged information about their clients on a daily basis, the need for data security is critical. Read More

Embracing disruptive technology

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 22 March 2016

What options have you offered your client? Read More

Time for Australia to follow suit

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 21 March 2016

Strengthening the argument for legal practitioners and the courts in Australia to be more open to the application of technology on our shores. Read More

Bring your case to life

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 18 February 2016

The amount of evidence required for trial has reached immense proportions.  To keep up, smart lawyers are turning to eTrials. Read More

Kick start your practice in 2016 with these resolutions

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 21 January 2016

With 2016 now well underway, many will have made resolutions for self-improvement. When setting goals for the next 12 months, consider these New Year business resolutions to take your practice to the next level. Read More

Using technology to level the playing field for firms across APAC

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 17 December 2015

Written by Michael Lew, Director Law In Order, Singapore 

It was a very exciting and expensive proposition then, as we embarked on the implementation of document management systems, virtual data rooms and a case management solution with custom workflows amongst other legal technologies. Large law firms were able to capitalize on this new era with ease by investing heavily in technology, while smaller law firms often didn’t have the resources to keep up.
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Tender wars: is price an excuse?

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  • Posted on 10 November 2015

The issue of pricing is hot topic amongst firms, from sole practitioner to large multi-nationals, as they all face a market in which competition and client purchasing power are growing at an increasing rate. The 2015 ALPMA Summit served up a large number of very relevant and contemporary sessions for the attendees who ventured to the Gold Coast this year. It goes without saying that the seminar, “Sustainable Profit Improvement Through Better Pricing”, delivered by Allens’ Chief Pricing Officer, Pier D’Angelo, was overwhelmingly popular.   Read More

3 ways to differentiate your firm

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 2 November 2015

It seems most professional services firms aren't all that different. We offer similar services to similar audiences, especially in highly regulated industries such as law. Is differentiation really possible? It is, according to Tim Williams of Ignition Consulting Group who spoke on this topic at the recent ALPMA Summit. Read More

Big data is challenging your firm’s print room

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 20 October 2015

As a lawyer, well-organised documentation can make a world of difference to your professional life. Document production – the hold-all phrase for hardcopy print, copy and scanning services –within the legal industry requires a higher degree of accuracy and attention to detail than most: the ramifications of mistakes are high.  Read More

Why you should care about metadata

  • Blog Post
  • Posted on 22 September 2015

Written by Mitchell Grant, Solutions Consultant

The frequently used definition of “data about data” provides a simple but adequate explanation for this increasingly important element of electronically stored information (ESI). Without realising it, you have probably viewed metadata many times by clicking on a document’s “properties” and checking the date it was created or who last edited it.

The question remains though, why would this concern today’s legal practitioners? Read More