Gain Control over Document Review

Gain Control over Document Review

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  • Posted on 1 August 2022

Outsourcing document review is an unparalleled strategy increasingly being used by lawyers, in-house legal teams, and law firms allowing them to focus on what matters most – core legal work.

As more companies rely on electronic data as their foundation, more resources will be devoted to document and data review. With outsourcing, you not only have expert insight into the best workflow for your review but you also get an excellent cost effective solution. These savings can then be redirected into strategic business investments.

As we regularly report and interact with our clients, Law In Order's partnership ensures that document review is conducted to a high quality on schedule and saving costs at the same time.

“The review had to be completed in a very short time frame, and our ability to do this successfully was largely down to the speed and consistency of the coding undertaken by Law In Order. The team was easy to work with, we had daily check in calls with the manager of the review team, and the team provided regular updates and queries via email. We really appreciated how responsive and knowledgeable the manager of the document review team was - this really made it a seamless experience. In addition, the customer service team at Law In Order are always a pleasure to deal with. We would 100% use Law In Order again”. says Aisling Scott, a Solicitor at King & Wood Mallesons

What are the Benefits of Legal Document Review Outsourcing?

1. Quicker Turnarounds

In most cases, cost-cutting is the key driving force behind adopting outsourcing as a strategy while turnarounds take a backseat. Even though cost-cutting is important for a business, it's crucial to transition from a business growth perspective to a customer-oriented attitude. Adopting quicker turnarounds as your key driving force will automatically help you reduce costs. Optimise for your clients and you will end up addressing your own needs. Outsourcing helps you develop that customer-oriented attitude.

The quality of work that you deliver to clients is critical. Unfortunately, due to the high-volume review requirements, some firms are unable to meet deadlines. When you outsource to a specific provider, expert review teams with established workflows can catch errors easily to ensure your work is delivered at a faster rate. Law In Order uses advanced analytics including Technology Assisted Review to maximise review efficiency.

2. Reduced Staffing Concerns

Law firms and legal departments are already struggling with high workloads and billable targets. Staffing a new review project requires consideration of team dynamics and structures. Balancing urgent and voluminous document review needs with the urgency to hire competent individuals is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Instead, outsourcing can allow you to tap into global expertise that might otherwise not be available at your firm.

3. Leverage the Provider’s Expertise

When firms outsource to a trusted provider, managers can be confident of the results produced. In late 2018, Mike Quartararo, a global expert on eDiscovery said that “The single most important component of any Technology Assisted Review (TAR) process is the thoughtful, deliberate, and consistent input provided to the TAR software by human reviewers.”

This clearly means that when outsourced, expert Technology Assisted Review providers are able to input better to guide the machine’s learning. Provider's everyday involvement with cases is something in-house teams often can't match.  Depending on our clients’ needs, Our experts provide different review approaches and engagement models. We can set up one-off document review teams, a dedicated team or a combination of a dedicated/outsourced team. Clients’ can move from one model to another as their needs change. We believe a combination of a smaller dedicated team, with retained knowledge and training of clients’ best practices, and an outsourced team that ramps up as needed, delivers the most value by allowing clients to leverage retained knowledge as they scale. Firms must evaluate the cost of investing in an expert provider vs a low-end tech tool for a result that’s significantly different. Instead of seeing outsourcing partners as competition, firms should allow an expertise-driven department that is valued by their clients.

Our rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) process along with customised solutions integrated with TAR/CAL is implemented throughout the review ensuring that the performance of reviewers can be closely monitored, providing accurate, real-time updates for the legal team and the end client.

4. Stay Ahead of the Curve

Big firms thrive because they understand how to delegate effectively. Instead of being bogged down in the initial identification of relevant material, you'll be focused on tasks that require high-level legal understanding. With more time at hand, you can focus on various business strategies and stay ahead of the competition. Deploying an entrepreneurial mindset in law can help firms recognise the value of outsourcing vs trying to do everything in-house. With so much information at hand, the end-user is also aware of the huge costs that come with eDiscovery and may demand outsourcing as an option to get ahead.

Working with a trusted provider with a track record of exceptional results translates to expert support and gets easier for in-house teams to iron out the “why” behind budgets.

Gain Control Over Legal Document Review with an Efficient Partner

Managing large volumes of document review requests can get challenging and often become monotonous. Every business needs a way to process documents more effectively and a trusted provider could save you from higher costs, hiring an in-house team and a lot of time. Most importantly, outsourcing removes the pressure from lawyers and empowers them to focus on what matters most – core legal work.

Law In Order provides the resources you need across the entire electronic document review management process, building in speed and efficiencies and increasing productivity to create a quicker turnaround on review.

Seventy to seventy-five per cent of case costs are usually attributed to the review of discovery documents. Our experienced Document Review team provides our clients scalable support from highly qualified review experts, equipped with the latest legal technology solutions.

Whether you want to outsource your entire review project or just need to second experienced reviewers to your existing review team, talk to us today about how we can model our review offering to fit your business needs.


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