WFH and COVID Challenges: New Innovations

WFH and COVID Challenges: New Innovations

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  • Posted on 1 March 2022

The effects of COVID-19 and remote working are greatly affecting how legal teams are functioning. Law In Order has been leading the way with innovations that address the challenges and difficulties this has presented for eDiscovery with the increasing emergence of new forms of data and for eHearings with courts and hearing rooms being temporarily closed.

The Power of the Cloud

  • We recently moved our Relativity platform to RelativityOne - Relativity’s cloud-based, SaaS, end-to-end eDiscovery solution. We also adopted NuixDiscover SaaS, giving our clients access to two world-leading eDiscovery platforms. We know security is important for corporates looking to move data into the cloud and by adopting RelativityOne and NuixDiscover SaaS, we can give our clients peace of mind that their data is secure.
  • Utilising cloud-based platforms assists our clients to navigate the challenges of data management and review, and provides access to the latest features and enhancements through continuous update releases. This puts us in the best position to help clients address the developing challenges from ever-growing data volumes and increased complexity of data sources.
  • Streamlining data preservation and data collection has becomes an increasing challenge for companies with data spread across on-premise (legacy), cloud-based setup and multiple different platforms. Where once that vast majority of data could be collected from a Microsoft exchange server, nowadays relevant data is often spread across off-line archives, BYOD devices, email servers and cloud-based chat / social media platforms. Our Digital Forensic team can help clients navigate those challenges during the collection phase. With RelativityOne, we have the opportunity to directly connect to cloud-based servers at the client, streamlining the collection of data by reducing time and cost and keeping the data secure. Our Consulting team have invested in the development of bespoke solutions to manage chat messages, drastically reducing the time and effort required to review and produce those documents.
  • Our eHearings services have implemented more cloud-based solutions into our service offerings to accommodate greater virtual operations.

Security and Privacy at the Forefront for eHearings

  • We have implemented heightened security protocols for processing documents using a cyber-secure staging server for our electronic evidence platform
  • We also have enhanced privacy measures for user groups in evidence bundles, providing multiple confidentiality tiers within legal teams to ensure greater control over sensitive evidence in hearings.
  • The LEXEL document repository systems are hosted on cyber-secure servers, accessible from anywhere and are always up-to-date with the latest version. The most recent version of LEXEL has more than 200 points of security upgrades to software and deployment.

Ongoing eHearings Innovation

  • We have further developed our Jury Book Solution - a secure and efficient means of providing evidence to jurors using tablet devices. We have recently had successful matters using this solution in New South Wales and Victoria. To find out more, listen to this podcast.
  • More streamlined eHearings practice for evidence management embracing short-form IDs, aliases, advanced evidence bundles and customised, hyperlinked exhibit bundles.

eHearings Rapid Growth and Expansion

The highly unusual landscape that the pandemic has created has forced all business to adapt, but none more so than the legal profession. With the imperative to continue supporting their clients and ensure access to justice, legal teams have had to adapt to the new normal. Law In Order will continue to find new and innovative ways to support the profession as the legal profession continues to adjust and advance.

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