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Paul Gooderick, Director Law In Order, writes about the history of Web Casting and its potential uses and benefits - particularly in the court room. Published in the Law Society Journal Oct 14 (www.lawsociety.com.au).

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A snippet from the entire article.
Web casting or streaming is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s technologically advanced society. Apart from instantaneous delivery of information, web casting enables individuals to view announcements, events or court hearings from remote locations, all while watching in real time or on demand.

Web casting is a one-way broadcast from one location to many, and is most useful when needing to reach a large or small audience in real time. Web casting – unlike other film and recording-based services – does not have a long history. It was first proposed in the late 80s and subsequently made its debut streaming audio to audiences in 1995. Over the years, web casting has been used primarily in the entertainment industry. However, corporate and legal stakeholders are now taking advantage of web casting capabilities.

There are many reasons to consider web casting. In a court room, web streaming would allow for the following:
  • broadcast of remote witness interviews
  • hearing room broadcast and recording
  • public or private session access
Our experience with web casting lies in the recent Royal Commissions where streams were broadcast and available to the public. However, web casting has a multitude of uses and is only limited by your imagination.

Web casting offers a unique platform for making proceedings available on a large scale to public and private audiences. It offers us the opportunity to rethink the way we make hearings in proceedings available.

Ultimately, this is relatively uncharted territory and the use cases are as broad as your imagination will allow. Whatever the end use – or if you’re just throwing around ideas – it may be worthwhile considering web casting for your broadcasting needs.

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