ALTA Awards 2022 - Gift for Good Award WINNER

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Law In Order are extremely proud to have won the Gift for Good Award for a team effort between Law In Order's eDiscovery Group, National Justice Project and Relativity.

The ALTA Awards celebrate the success and importance of the Australian legal technology ecosystem in supporting innovation, impact and access to justice across the broader legal community. 


Outstanding example of a team who utilised technology or innovation in delivering services through pro bono effort in Australia.

  • Claire Broomhall, Consulting Analyst - Law In Order
  • Sarah Horbury, Director, Consulting - Law In Order
  • Emma Hearne, Associate Legal Director - National Justice Project
  • Tamara Kenny, Solicitor - National Justice Project/
  • Gulsun Demirel, Senior Community Enablement Specialist, Relativity

A supreme team win for Law In Order's eDiscovery team, National Justice Project and Relativity for their work on a number of related cases focused on whether or not the Australian government owes a duty of care to people who are detained in offshore processing centres—specifically regarding standards of medical care for refugees and asylum seekers detained on Nauru. 

“As a small non-for-profit charity, without RelativityOne and the help of Law In Order, we wouldn’t have been able to work on the discovery for the cases without having to spend big on technology and support. Law In Order has always been available to assist us – their team have been unbelievable. They’ve turned work around in no time, and they’ve taken all the worry of this discovery process away from us. Instead of wrangling with documents, now we can focus on arguing the case for our clients,” said Emma Hearne, Associate Legal Director, National Justice Project. She said that the technology enabled the NJP’s team and its army of volunteers to accomplish the huge task of discovery.

You can read more about this project here.

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