Law In Order contributes to LIV's LawTech Essentials factssheets

Law In Order contributes to LIV's LawTech Essentials factssheets

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The LIV’s Technology and the Law Committee has produced a series of "LawTech Essentials" factsheets that provide LIV members with succinct and user-friendly overviews of the essential aspects of a range of contemporary technologies and technological concepts that are revolutionising the way legal practice is conducted.

Law In Order's Erick Gunawan and Tim Pritchards contrinuted to this latest fact sheet on Technology Assisted Review.

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) is a process of having computer software electronically classify documents based on input from expert reviewers to expedite the organisation and prioritisation of the document collection.

This LawTech Essentials factsheet will equip you with an understanding of what TAR is, how TAR works, key judicial precedents in relation to TAR, recent Australian judicial adoptions of TAR, the benefits of TAR, and the risks associated with TAR.

To download the factsheet, visit the Law Institute of Victoria's website and for more information on Technology Assisted Review and how we can assist you, please email

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