Introducing eDiscoTECH: Bring all Your eDiscovery Tools Into One Place

Introducing eDiscoTECH: Bring all Your eDiscovery Tools Into One Place

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We are very proud to announce the latest product from our Innovation Lab, the eDiscoTECH app. eDiscoTECH makes the process of eDiscovery much more efficient with automated eDiscovery and investigation workflows.

Powered by Law In Order, eDiscoTECH is designed to automate most of the day to day, repetitive tasks in the eDiscovery workflows.

Watch our video for a demonstration of all the tools >>>

There is a lot of data wrangling associated with loading files to the review platform. eDiscoTECH makes this process much easier. Loading file conversions to the review platform and migrating load files between review platforms (eg. Relativity, Nuix Discover, Reveal Brainspace, etc) also becomes a simple process.

eDiscoTECH provides a structured format for the viewing and editing of load files and can also validate files before parties exchange documents.

All the basic file and directory features such as copy, delete and renaming of files are also present.

Advanced formatting features allow users to paginate documents and format them to comply with exchange protocols. This includes the full suite of PDF tools such as combining PDFs and the combining of family documents, for those using Nuix Discover.

A particularly useful tool extracts text from different file types such as Word, Excel, TXT and PDF where files have been supplied in the wrong format for the review platform.

One of the most popular tools is Automatic Hyperlinking. The process can be based on either file names or regex patterns.

There are also a range of search options based on regex patterns which are a sequence of characters used by programmers that searches for a pattern in text.


  • Flat File Viewer is used to view the load files created by eDiscovery Platforms i.e., Relativity and Nuix Discover. Watch our demo video >>
  • Load File Tools has automated the data wrangling associated with loading files to the review platform. Watch our demo video >>
  • eTools has multiple functions that allow legal teams and legal tech professionals to work on their files and investigate including creating directory structures, copying files between folders, picking up file names from a folder, copying files in order, sequence numbering, pagination, deduplication, bulk find and replace, regex pattern searches, protocol updates and file operations like copy, delete, renaming and searching.
  • Located under eTools is PDF Utilities which allows users to count pages in a PDF set, resize, scale, delimit and combine PDFs. Also, combine family documents, create PDF placeholders and delete blank pages.
  • Also located in eTools is Hyperlink Tools which assists with hyperlinked indexes, hyperlinked court and appeal books, automating hyperlinking tasks and link verification for Excel, Word and PDF indexes. Watch our demo video >>

Bring all Your Tools Into One Place

eDiscoTech allows users to put shortcuts in a folder and apply them in the eDiscoTech app settings. The chosen external apps integrate with eDiscoTECH so legal teams and legal tech professionals can open them from within eDiscoTECH.

Collaborate with our Innovation Lab to Ideate, Experiment and Deploy your own automated eDiscovery and Investigation workflows.

For more information, contact our team or 1300 004 667.

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