How We Have Helped Legal Teams Working From Home

How We Have Helped Legal Teams Working From Home

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It has been an action-packed few weeks for Law In Order with our staff working round the clock to support legal teams who have had their workflow disrupted

Below are just some of the jobs we have helped our clients with as they work remotely.

200GB of documents to be reviewed
Our experienced team of Consultants and eDiscovery professionals are still working remotely to support our clients and are available 24/7, 365 days. Recently, we were able to do a client’s first level review and load only the relevant documents onto our hosted review platform so they could undertake the second level review.  We then proceeded to print their document set that they needed for disclosure, all within a week.

Leading Edge Virtual Arbitration
Our eHearings team are also working remotely and have recently been working with clients to set up virtual meetings and virtual hearings across the globe. In a world first, our eHearings team set up a virtual arbitration comprised of Remote Real-Time Transcription and Remote Evidence Presentation (by EPE & Expert Witnesses) services accessible via the Law In Order hosted virtual arbitration solution. We facilitated the hearing for participants from London, Singapore, Bangkok, The Hague, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Vancouver, Washington and Geneva.
Business Support Services
We are all operating under a unique set of circumstances so to meet our clients' new and differing need for support, we have assisted them with:

  • Mail scanning - We can scan all your mail quickly, freeing your support staff for more important tasks in order to get mail urgently to staff working from home.
  • Copy typing - Our Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) team is fully trained and experienced with the latest document processing tools to assist our clients.
  • Data entry - Our team can take this tedious task off your hands so you can focus on the more complex work.

Scanning for a legal team working from home
In the current circumstances, finding quick turnaround for urgent scanning can be a challenge. We can scan documents of any size, processing high volume with a fast turnaround. We can also convert documents into text-searchable documents with a hyperlinked index with document dates, types, titles and parties to make your review process more efficient. Recently, we were able to assist a legal team working from home by scanning their hard copy documents, combined them with the existing electronic data and created a hyperlinked index for the team.  Our client commented:  I wished I knew about this earlier.
Urgent Printing
We received data from a client at 4:30 pm that was required by 9 am the following day for submission to the court. We were able to expedite the printing and deliver it in the evening on the same day.
If you think we can be of assistance to you or your team during this time, please contact us

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