ALTA Hour of Power - See our Smart DeDuper Demo

ALTA Hour of Power - See our Smart DeDuper Demo

  • Event
  • 28 April - 28 April 2022

As a founding partner, Law In Order are proud to be a part of this month's Hour of Power where we will be showcasing our Smart DeDuper app.

On Thursday 28 April 2022, ALTA will run their next Hour of Power that is an online event featuring snappy four-minute presentations from leading LegalTech companies showcasing the latest developments in their business and product offering.

This month’s program features Checkbox, FilePro, Law In Order, mattero, Red Rain and Rulestar.

Don't miss our demo of the Smart DeDuper app that allows Relativity users to remove any additional duplicates after the initial, standard Relativity processing deduplication process. This cuts down the number of documents for review, streamlining the process and saving your team time and money.

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