Analytics and eDiscovery: Every Matter, Every Firm

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  • Posted on 29 October 2014

Electronic review is no longer only for large firms with comprehensive in-house capability. Electronic review is now common place in boutique and mid tier firms that are looking to reduce review costs by improving efficiency.

Today, lawyers are spoilt for choice when they look to the market for smarter ways to review and understand their client’s document sets. More than ever we are using data analytics to accelerate review and increase accuracy. What is most exciting is the number of products now offering data analytics. Products such as Equivio, Ringtail, Relativity and Nuix all offer analytics tools that have been proven in the field.
Data analytics has made it possible for small teams to gain understanding of large document sets without the need for time consuming and costly linear review. This technology has advanced greatly in the past few years to the point that even the most “technologically challenged” can effectively run a matter electronically using analytics. It is interesting to see the number of small firms taking on document heavy matters effectively due to the ease of access to this technology.
If you currently work in a firm that employs a team of in-house litigation technology consultants, chances are you know exactly who you need to talk when you receive a large volume of documents for a new matter. If your firm does not have this in-house capability there is no need to miss out on the advantages of electronic review. With so many proven products now available, there has never been a better time to enlist the services of an experienced consultant to help navigate through the review process.
When searching for a service provider in this field, you should ensure the provider is using industry leading products and has experienced consultants that can handle any situation that is thrown at them. 
By contacting a litigation technology consultant during the beginning stages of litigation, there is the potential to save hundreds of hours throughout the life of the matter. It may only be a 15 minute conversation but at the end of it you will know if there are any possible issues that may arise with your approach to document review. 
Contacting a litigation technology consultant may not solve the world’s problems but it will certainly assist you by reducing review costs, increasing accuracy and increasing review speeds.

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