Managing Working from Home - How We Can Support You

Managing Working from Home - How We Can Support You

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  • Posted on 7 May 2020

With the current lockdown still in place, we are finding that our clients are experiencing limited access to traditional office resources, a reduction in staffing numbers and a transition to new ways of working including more reliance on electronic solutions.

Law In Order is assisting by keeping our Production floors in each office operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have increased our delivery range and are using delivery alternatives such as couriers for completed jobs to accommodate working from home arrangements. Our Production, Discovery and eHearings experts are also available to help our clients adopt digital solutions if required.

Our clients are choosing to rely on us during this time. We understand the legal profession and the pressures it faces. We know confidentiality and security is paramount, and we have undergone rigorous security reviews. Our security extends to a range of areas including personnel clearance, premises, procedures, protocols, transportation of evidence, storage and information technology. Our work is also quality assured.

We are now seeing an increase in the delivery of data for production rather than physical briefs. We can undertake jobs of all sizes from one page to one million and all sizes up to A0. We are happy to make recommendations on how best to produce your documents, without charge. We can also undertake court filing on clients’ behalf.

We have seen an increase in document digitisation with people working from home, including entire files for teams. Digitisation can be completed according to our clients’ needs, eg. one pdf per file, per manila folder or per document. We can also use Optimal Character Recognition to make the documents text searchable, to capture information about the documents (dates, titles, owner, etc), add hyperlinks to create an index or create an upload file for review.

eDiscovery services can be used in small and inexpensive ways to support our clients as they work from home. We can let you know how many ring binders an electronic file will produce when printed to hard copy. If that file is too large, we can perform a deduplication or keyword search to bring the page count down or prioritise printing. It’s also useful when you’re not sure of the order of the documents and want to put them chronologically. List creation is also easy for briefs and disclosure, using the documents’ metadata. Another useful tool is email threading and document grouping, which reduces the document set and helps order the documents.

There is also a very keen interest in our Virtual Proceedings technology, particularly in the current context of physical courts and tribunals being shut down. It’s also been extended to ADR and mediation. The technology is allowing matters to continue and not be postponed. Standard video conferencing does not allow for things like evidence presentation and virtual breakout rooms. Our virtual proceeding can simulate all the necessary components in an arbitration or a courtroom and can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world.

With the dispersed and reduced workforce, our team of reviewers has proved helpful to our clients. They can assist with large scale litigation, internal investigations and commercial endeavours (M&A, divestment, data cleansing, etc).

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To send us a file, you can use our File Transfer Protocol (FTP). You can also receive files from us using the FTP. To get a log-in, contact our team.


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