Spotlight on Legal Process Outsourcing

Spotlight on Legal Process Outsourcing

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  • Posted on 1 July 2020

This article looks at the portfolio of electronic paralegal services available to clients and how it can save practices and their clients time and money, so legal managers and administrators can focus on their core business.

What is Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)?

In a time of uncertain resourcing, many practices are finding they need quick access to highly skilled people at short notice.

Senior legal managers and administrators should be focusing on the complex tasks of their core business but are bogged down in time-consuming and repetitive administrative work. Our LPO team can provide the solution – a full end-to-end portfolio of electronic paralegal services to lift the load.

Our LPO team is fully trained and experienced with the latest document processing tools to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective results.

Best of all, our clients can pass on the benefits of greater support to their clients without bearing the costs of taking on more staff.

Some examples of the tasks our LPO team can assist with are detailed below.

What is Objective Coding and How Does it Speed Up Document Review?

Firstly, what is Objective Data and how does it relate to Objective Coding? Objective Data is information about a document including the document’s type, date, title and up to 10 people or organisations to which it may refer. Objective Coding is the process of manual entry of the Objective Data from the face of the scanned document.

The trained specialists in our LPO team review every document in a set and the captured Objective Data allows the documents to be searched, filtered, culled, tagged, grouped and viewed. The Objective Coding is done via our own custom-built software that allows for the fast and accurate capture.  All coded documents are rigorously checked by our thorough Q&A process.

Once the Objective Data is captured, an electronic index can be prepared with the Objective Data and then used to create a database.

When reviewing a set of documents for discovery or court, the process is now much faster and cost effective as the newly created database enables the document set to be uploaded easily to the document review software platform. Our custom-built review software includes sophisticated algorithms that increase efficiency by automating manual tasks whilst increasing overall data quality. 

What is Redaction and When Might it be Needed?

Redacting (or blackening or masking) removes information from documents that are to be provided to a Third Party.

Typical scenarios in the legal profession include the redaction of privileged, commercially sensitive or privacy information before exchanging documents with other Parties in a litigation or when responding to a regulatory enquiry or including documents as part of the Due Diligence process of corporate transactions.

The risks of not applying effective redactions can be high. Aside from embarrassment, it could mean that Parties lose their right to claim privilege, making internal legal advice they received available to the Opponents with damaging consequences to their case. In a corporate transaction, inadvertently disclosing commercially sensitive information might not only cause a breach of duties, it could cost a company millions in the negotiated sales price.

Our suite of specialist redaction tools and team of LPO experts can assist you with the entire redaction process. Our team is made up of legal technology consultants, paralegals and litigation support clerks who are experts in document management and prepare redacted documents for production on a daily basis.

Manual Hyperlinking and Indexing

When creating hyperlinks or an index with hyperlinks, it’s possible to waste endless hours only to get stuck halfway through. If you’re not sure where to start, you can leave it with our LPO experts.

We can effectively and efficiently create hyperlinks and indexes from scratch in the formats required by courts and tribunals.

Simply send the LPO team the documents and requirements, and we provide guidance through the format options available.

Data Entry and Copy-Typing

Ever felt like you needed an extra pair of hands? Our LPO team can help you free up your time and focus on your core business.

Whether it’s a one-off project or recurring work, our efficient Data Entry and Copy-Typing team allows you to focus on what’s important.

Attention to detail and accuracy is a key focus of our Data Entry and Copy-Typing team.

Use the specialists to scale up your support. We get it done – fast!

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