Law In Order Adds Relativity Data Breach Response & PI Detect to Legal Tech Solutions

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  • Posted on 8 December 2023

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Law In Order proudly introduces two new eDiscovery solutions: Relativity Data Breach Response and Relativity Personal Information Detect (PI Detect), enhancing our RelativityOne offerings. The former streamlines data breach responses using AI, while the latter efficiently identifies sensitive personal and health information in data. These integrations, reinforce our commitment to innovative legal technology and client success. Contact [email protected] for more details on how these solutions can simplify your document review process and reduce costs.

Law In Order is delighted to announce the addition of two new eDiscovery technological solutions to support our clients. 


The first is Relativity Data Breach Response, an integrated solution for automating data mitigation and response available in RelativityOne. Incorporating Data Breach Response enables our clients to respond to breaches more quickly, accurately, and intelligently. It empowers organisations to easily assess the impact and build a notification list when responding to a data breach. This solution uses AI to help clients transform their review process, remove complexities, and materially reduce costs while meeting notification deadlines. Murali Baddula, Chief Digital Officer, Law In Order, says:

In the ever-evolving landscape of legal technology, Law In Order has chosen to embrace innovation by integrating Relativity Data Breach Response into our solutions. This strategic move empowers our clients, by offering a streamlined and intelligent approach to data breach mitigation. With features leveraging AI, we can transform the review process, simplify complexities, and significantly reduce costs while ensuring timely breach response.

Law In Order has also added Relativity Personal Information Detect (PI Detect), Relativity’s integrated solution for uncovering Personal Information (PI) and Protected Health Information (PHI) to its AI-based legal tech solutions in RelativityOne.


Incorporating PI Detect enables our clients to efficiently identify sensitive information in unstructured data. It improves the accuracy of PI identification to better protect clients' most sensitive or confidential information. Users can easily find and redact PI with AI by identifying patterns and context to find PI/PHI that traditional approaches often miss. Murali Baddula adds: 

As a part of Law In Order's commitment to cutting-edge legal tech solutions, the incorporation of Relativity Personal Information Detect (PI Detect) holds immense significance. This addition not only aligns with our dedication to client success, but also provides users with a powerful tool for efficiently identifying sensitive information. With AI-driven identification and advanced features, such as pattern recognition, PI Detect enhances our ability to protect our clients' most confidential information.

As a Relativity Gold One partner, the addition of both solutions reinforces Law In Order’s commitment to Relativity’s AI-powered products, strengthening the overall partnership. 

Learn more about how Law In Order can help you remove complexities in the Document review process, and materially reduce costs while meeting your tight deadlines. Contact [email protected]

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