Finding Duplicate Emails Even Easier - eDiscoTECH™ To Support EDRM MIH Integration!

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  • Posted on 12 December 2023

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As we continuously enhance our platform with the latest features and functionalities, Law In Order is thrilled to announce some new and exciting eDiscoTECH updates are on the way with the integration of EDRM MIH. This new functionality means you’ll be able to generate EDRM MIH in eDiscoTECH. 

eDiscoTECH™ To Support EDRM MIH Integration in early 2024 


To streamline eDiscovery workflows, we created a powerful new function - "Generate EDRM MIH" which will enable you to create EDRM_MIH for your data, offering two convenient options:

  • Email Processing: Easily generate EDRM_MIH by processing emails in MSG or EML format directly within eDiscoTECH.
  • CSV Upload: Alternatively, upload a CSV containing Message IDs and the main reference of the email to initiate the EDRM_MIH generation process.

The generated EDRM_MIH is exportable as a CSV file, empowering you to seamlessly upload it to review platforms or conduct further analysis on the data. This functionality is particularly valuable for identifying duplicates based on the EDRM_MIH, saving time and effort in managing and organising your electronic documents.

Simply use the new "Generate EDRM MIH" function in eDiscoTECH, follow the intuitive steps to process your data, and export the resulting CSV. This file can then be utilised for uploading to review platforms or conducting in-depth analysis, providing you with greater control and efficiency in your eDiscovery processes.


This latest development comes on the back of work done by EDRMthe independent eDiscovery thought leadership organisation, a multidisciplinary Dupe ID Project Team of 30 global thought leaders who addressed a major pain point in the Document Review worldwide - finding duplicate emails quickly after receiving an opposing party’s production based on a different software platform to process their emails. Previously the only option was to reprocess these emails using a single eDiscovery software platform, an expensive, time consuming and stressful method especially on a tight deadline. 

EDRM met this challenge head on with its expert team of lawyers, technologists, and business leaders. The team included Law In Order’s Chief Digital Officer, Murali Baddula. Murali developed the Relativity application and as a dedicated member of Dupe ID Project Team, was instrumental in the development and testing of the EDRM MIH solution. 
The team delivered a groundbreaking digital tool, EDRM Message ID Hash (EDRM MIH). It has already revolutionised email duplicate identification, eliminating the costly and time-consuming reprocessing of emails.

EDRM MIH is used for various purposes, including grouping email duplicates driving a more efficient review process or deduplicating a cross-platform email dataset. Relativity users can use this method of cross-platform email duplicate identification within the Relativity ecosystem.


Enhance your eDiscovery experience with eDiscoTECH. Get started today. Simply contact our team at [email protected] We always value your feedback, so please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions.


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