What happens to your data when you move it into the cloud?

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  • Posted on 8 August 2023

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In an upcoming CPD webinar, Nicholas Wilson and Peter Farrelly of AUCloud will discuss the growing necessity for data protection and robust cybersecurity, underscored by recent high-profile security breaches. They will explore the handling of sensitive data, cybercrime trends, privacy laws, and eHearings. Farrelly will also share his expertise on the creation of PROTECTED environments, compliant with Australian government standards, for data storage. The webinar, scheduled for August 10, 2023, aims to guide professionals on maintaining cybersecurity standards and managing data in cloud environments.

How do you ensure your cybersecurity practices are up to standards and what happens to your data when moving to the cloud?

In our CPD webinar, Thursday 10th August , Nicholas Wilson, Director of eHearings and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Peter Farrelly at AUCloud discuss the rising value of sensitive data and the importance of its protection. They share insights on PROTECTED environments, cybercrime, data protection, privacy laws and eHearings.

Data is the new oil these days. The more sensitive and confidential your data is, the more valuable it becomes. Consequently, it’s critical to store sensitive data on protected servers in a safe place.

Recent incidents at Medibank, Optus and Latitude Financial, highlight how critical it is for lawyers, as custodians of confidential data, to fully understand the risks of security breaches. Nicholas and Peter stress the importance for all professionals to be mindful of security responsibilities when entrusted with sensitive data.

Nicholas elaborates:

When you’re holding sensitive data, you are in a designated position of trust… The level of responsibility owed to that sensitive data doesn't leave you when you leave the office. It's still with you when you're in the airport lounge, or using Wi-Fi at McDonalds. You still need to ensure that you're implementing these strict security considerations wherever you go with the device that holds that data or with the device that has access to those data repositories."

Peter Farrelly’s experience spans over 20 years within CISO and cyber-security roles across public and private sectors. In senior roles at several Federal Government agencies, he’s secured systems of national significance and worked on several high-profile events.

Peter highlights the crucial need to secure data, as Australia has proven to be one of the most vulnerable countries to cyber-attacks. Peter says:  

“Outside America, Australia is the most cyber-attacked country in the world. According to the latest report from the Australian Signals Directorate, we're seeing around 76,000 cybercrimes per year reported[1] - an increase of around 13-15% from the previous year.” [

Peter poses the question:

“What would or could happen if I lost control of clients’ data. How would that impact an individual? How would that impact my business?”  

He says today’s legal fraternity is responsible for promoting a strong culture of cyber security practices, both professionally and personally. Peter encourages people to use multi-factor authentication wherever they can.

Peter explains how AU Cloud built PROTECTED environments to Australian government standards, and the key benefits of storing data in Australian owned PROTECTED environments.

“I think it provides that level of assurance that … this system I'm using meets those predefined levels of security. And I think that really brings down the risk for a lot of organisations, especially those that do business with government and corporate Australia, where you are in a highly regulated, highly compliance-focused [place].”

Using a PROTECTED environment is about trust. It provides that level of assurance the system meets predefined levels of security and reduces organisational risk, especially those doing business with government and corporate Australia which are highly regulated and highly compliance focused.

Join us on Thursday, 10th August 2023 at 1:00 PM AEST to learn how to ensure your cybersecurity practices are up to standards and what happens to your data when moving to the cloud.

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AuCloud is owned, managed and operated in Australia and only subject to Australian law and jurisdiction. Services and data managed by you with AUCloud remain in Australia [such as] physical data files saved and use regularly, account data, analytics data and metadata.


[1] https://www.cyber.gov.au/about-us/reports-and-statistics/acsc-annual-cyber-threat-report-july-2021-june-2022




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