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  • Posted on 9 August 2023

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Document reviews, accounting for a significant portion of litigation costs, are challenged by rising data volumes and tight resources. Many firms opt to outsource these reviews for efficiency and cost savings. Law In Order provides such services, employing advanced Technology Assisted Review (TAR) methods, merging human expertise with technology, to speed up and enhance accuracy. A case study highlighted savings of $65,000 and 260 hours for a client using their TAR system.

With ever-increasing amounts of data to review, how can you control costs, while delivering a quicker turnaround and more accurate results?

Discovery generally accounts for between 20 - 50 % of all litigation costs, with Document Review comprising around 75% of Discovery costs.

Cost, complexity, tight deadlines, and insufficient resources risk Document Reviews spinning out of control.

Most firms may not be able to throw their own resources at a large document review. Using an external legal services provider may therefore be the only way a review can be done on time and within budget.

Freeing up internal resources not only allows lawyers to concentrate on the value-add work a client hired them to do, but also opens the door to taking on matters that previously may have seemed too daunting.  

Our experts act as an extension of your team. Our team comprises legally qualified reviewers and experienced document review managers, which, when combined with Law In Order workflows and technology, speed up the entire process, delivering a fast turnaround, more accurate results, all in a secure hosting environment.

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) drastically reduces the amount of time to complete a document review and saves money. It amplifies your review effort and applies your coding choices on a set of documents to the entire population of documents. Also known as predictive coding, TAR combines powerful technology, human expertise and a robust review workflow to allow you to review large document sets accurately and precisely in an efficient, low risk, cost and time effective method.

Our rigorous Quality Assurance process ensures defensibility of outsourcing review.

Case Study

Recently, one of our clients received a tranche of disclosure documents from another party totaling around 55,000 documents. Our client wanted first to prioritise the review to find documents similar in nature to their own key documents before reviewing all documents. Law In Order took the documents already identified as key documents by our client in their own disclosure and used these as a pre-coded set to train the TAR system and kick start the active learning review queue.   

As TAR progressed, we were able to see that after the review of only 16,000 documents, the relevance rate of documents being reviewed was below 2%, at which point the TAR progress could be validated to show that further review was no longer proportional.

In total, the estimate savings for this review came to $65,000, with review time being reduced by over 260 hours.

Learn more about how you can stay in control of your Document Reviews. For a confidential discussion, contact one of our eDiscovery Consulting Team Experts.  

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