Struggling to Understand Appeal Book Requirements?

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  • Posted on 8 August 2023

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At Law In Order, we specialise in managing the complex Appeal Book process for different jurisdictions. We handle unique case requirements, convert physical documents to electronic format with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and ensure searchable capability and hyperlinking. Complying fully with court procedures, our legal experts advise on rules, assess content needs, manage discrepancies, and can even file the appeal book on your behalf. Supporting both hard copy and electronic preparations, we deliver a quick turnaround and always provide a draft for client approval before producing multiple copies.

Each jurisdiction, court, tribunal, and commission has its own rules, including the style of indexing, pagination method, or even procedures to follow. This makes management of the Appeal Book process highly complex and confusing. It’s also very time-consuming to understand and stressful, especially when it’s required urgently.

Several requirements must be considered:

  • The four sections of an appeal book
  • Pagination
  • Line referencing
  • Binding
  • Indexing
  • Electronic hearing books

Law In Order has the expertise and technology to provide exactly what your jurisdiction and court requires.

To satisfy court requirements, we provide Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which converts physical documents into electronic versions, along with digital searchable capability and hyperlinking.

Appeal Books don’t have to be confusing. An appeal book matter expert advises on all the rules and requirements and assesses the necessary book contents. The expert alerts you to any content discrepancies, including missing pages and skewed documents. The appeal book can then be prepared and filed on your behalf.

Law In Order guides you through the process and provides exactly what your jurisdiction requires. Our Appeal Book team has the legal expertise and years of experience to help you navigate the Appeal Book process. This enables you to present your book correctly and professionally. We provide you with a draft copy of the Appeal Book to ensure your complete satisfaction before we proceed to multiple copies.

Regardless of where the matter is being held, present your Appeal/Court Book correctly and professionally. Key Benefits include:

  • High Capacity and quick turnaround
  • Our work complies with all court procedures and rules
  • Provide hard copy/electronic preparation
  • Support all major Australian Jurisdictions

What our clients say:

“Law In Order provide an outstanding service. We recently required assistance from Law In Order in relation to documents for a Court of Appeal hearing. Anna, who assisted us, was polite, precise and turned the job around in a very short time frame. I highly recommend Law In Order.”

Emma Rowles, Solicitor

Winter Legal


Struggle no more with Appeal Books. Law In Order takes away the confusion and time pressure, so you can focus on what is most important.  

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