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  • Posted on 8 August 2023

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In light of the increasing survival rates of cancer patients, yet growing number of diagnoses, Law In Order rallies behind the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, a comprehensive cancer centre known for its high survival rates and compassionate care. In memory of their late Director, Paul Gooderick, a former patient and avid runner, Law In Order is participating in the City2Surf event on August 13 to raise funds for the organization. They invite the public to donate, show support, or join them in the run, as they strive to make a meaningful impact on those impacted by cancer.

The prospects of surviving cancer have improved significantly over the past 4 decades. According to the Cancer Council of Australia, around 70% of people will likely survive five years after a cancer diagnosis, an increase from 51% since the late 1980s.

Nevertheless, with more Australians living longer, the number of cancer cases diagnosed each year continues to rise. Around 1 million Australians are currently living with cancer or are ‘beyond cancer’.

In honour of our late Director, Paul Gooderick, we proudly rally behind Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, a remarkable organisation dedicated to improving the comfort, wellbeing and treatment outcomes of people with cancer and their families. People treated at comprehensive cancer centres such as Lifehouse are more likely to live longer. Data from the Cancer Institute NSW shows their patients have a greater chance of survival at 90 days than the New South Wales average.

For the last few months of his life, Paul was a patient in the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Not only were the staff compassionate and comforting, he loved nothing more than sitting in the sun on the balcony of his room, looking out at the city landscape with his wife Alex and his 2 young daughters, always keeping a smile on his face. Paul was also a great runner. He ran the City2Surf many times, often raising money for others. For more than 15 years, Paul was such a big part of Law In Order. His legacy and memory live on in everything we do, as does his mission which was always to be of service to others.

 “Cancer is a marathon – you can't look at the finish line. You take it moment by moment, sometimes breath by breath, other times step by step.”

Cancer Survivor Sarah Betz Bucciero.

Meanwhile, as we lace up our running shoes to support a cause close to our hearts, join us in our mission to make a meaningful impact at this year's City2Surf, Sunday, 13 August.

We're inspired by the resilience of those fighting their battles at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. Together, we can make a difference, raising vital funds for the life-changing work this organisation does.

Join us on this journey of compassion and determination as we run in the City2Surf, running for Paul, running for a cause, and running towards a brighter future for those impacted by cancer.

Help us help Chris O'Brien Lifehouse by donating, showing your support, or, if you’re up for it, run alongside us!



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