eDiscoTECH™, PDFPrimer™ & Aconex Data Collector Takes eDiscovery Operations to Next Level

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  • Posted on 8 August 2023

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Murali Baddula, Law In Order's Chief Digital Officer, spearheads the development of innovative eDiscovery solutions like eDiscoTECH™, PDFPrimer™, and  Aconex Data Collector. These tools automate routine tasks, facilitate document exchange, and streamline the collection of data, enhancing Law In Order's service to legal, corporate, and government sectors.

Murali Baddula, Law In Order’s Chief Digital Officer, understands the complexities of unstructured data. He is the driving force behind a vibrant innovative culture at Law In Order, developing and offering solutions to make electronically stored information available for search, retrieval and review in a legally defensible manner. Murali says:

“I’m driven to making the process of eDiscovery more efficient with automated eDiscovery and Investigation workflows. I’m a problem solver and forward thinker and enjoy the feeling when I make things easier to do.”

Murali has instilled a pioneering mindset among his team and the wider business, transforming Law In Order’s solutions for Law firms, Corporate and Government.

He has two decades experience in the areas of Litigation support, eDiscovery, Consulting, Project management, forensic investigations and software development. Murali collaborates closely with both inhouse teams and external clients, designing and implementing workflows and new tools which deliver better customised solutions for clients.

We’ve developed many custom solutions for our clients and continue to improve our formal process of innovation capture, evaluation, and execution.  I try to foster a healthy innovation environment, one where whilst striving for excellence, our colleagues know it’s ok to fail.

eDiscoTech™ , PDFPrimer™ and Aconex are leading examples of Law In Order’s development of cutting edge proprietary digital tools.


eDiscoTECH™ is designed to automate most of the day to day, repetitive tasks in the eDiscovery workflows. 45 different functionalities are captured in one simple button click that anyone can utilise.

Users can:

  • Migrate load files between review platforms, eg. Relativity, Nuix Discover;
  • View and edit load files on a structured format
  • Extract text from multiple file types;
  • Resize, combine, paginate and brand PDFs and format to comply with exchange protocols.

Flat File Viewer views the load files created by eDiscovery Platforms such as Relativity and Nuix Discover.

Load File Application has automated the data wrangling associated with loading files to the review platform. A recent update to eDiscoTECH™ now includes the ability to create load files that support PDF import and exports into both Relativity and Reveal.

Hyperlink Tools assist with hyperlinked indexes, hyperlinked court and appeal books, automating hyperlinking tasks and link verification for Excel, Word and PDF indexes.

eDiscoTECH™ also allows users to put shortcuts in a folder and apply them in the eDiscoTECH™ app settings. User can open external apps from within eDiscoTECH ™.


PDFPrimer™ is an efficient digital tool that assists with document exchange, document review, document production, eDiscovery, electronic compilation, and hard copy printing. It’s a breakthrough app rendering files to PDF format, supporting 85 different file extensions, compared to a 3rd party app previously used by Law In Order of 15. It renders spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, drawings such as maps or plans, and emails and their attachments.

PDFPrimer™ is used by legal tech and forensic investigators. It migrates documents into Relativity, Nuix and other eDiscovery platforms. It enables document production and exchange with opposing counsel and prepares court books for an eHearing.

eDiscoTECH™and PDFPrimer™ are now both sold to the global marketplace, enabling Law In Order to develop even more innovations into the future.

Aconex Data Collector

Aconex is a cloud-based collaboration platform specifically designed for the construction and engineering sectors. Law In Order has developed a specialised application that facilitates the collection of Documents, Transmittals, and Mails from Aconex. This collection process is aimed at supporting the eDiscovery review procedure. Law In Order possesses the capability to collect either Document and Mail/Transmittal stores individually or separately.

Learn more about how Law In Order boosts the process of eDiscovery efficiency using proprietary automated eDiscovery and Investigation workflows.

Simply contact one of our experts today: eDiscovery Consulting Team Leadership

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