Industry Leaders in Seamless End-to-End Legal Technology Solutions

Elevate your legal practice with Law In Order, where innovation meets expertise. As pioneers in the industry, we deliver comprehensive and seamless technology solutions, serving as an invaluable resource to assist and enhance your legal endeavors.

Established in 1999, Law In Order has emerged as a pioneering force in the legal technology sector, offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions with cutting-edge technological capabilities tailored to the legal industry.

Our proficiency extends across high-volume document production, expert eDiscovery management, eHearings, and specialised in letigation, administrative law proceedings, government regulatory compliance, judicial review, class action lawsuits, appellate proceedings, constitutional law cases, tribunal proceedings, public interest litigation, court services and all other law processing requirements. With a unique blend of traditional and modern technology-based services, we serve as a highly efficient single-source provider, addressing even the most intricate legal matters.

Strategically located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and India, our offices are staffed by seasoned litigation support professionals available 365 days a year. This accessibility ensures that clients, both nationally and globally, benefit from immediate and unrestricted access to our services precisely when they require them.

Law In Order boasts a diverse team comprising lawyers, paralegals, system operators, consultants, and project managers, all equipped with unparalleled knowledge and experience in legal technology support services. Serving as a reliable extension of our clients' businesses, we provide astute and cost-effective project support. Moreover, our commitment extends to offering ongoing training to our clients' teams, strengthening their knowledge base and enhancing their in-house capabilities.

Adhering to rigorous protocols, fortified security measures, unwavering quality standards, and a genuine commitment to customer service are the defining characteristics of our partnership with Law In Order. It is no surprise that numerous top-tier law firms, blue-chip companies, and government agencies trust us implicitly with their highly sensitive and confidential information.

Data Security & Confidence

We prioritise stringent protocols to guarantee the highest level of data security, fostering confidence in our clients that their sensitive information is handled with utmost care and confidentiality.

High-Quality Service and Excellence

Committed to delivering excellence, we consistently provide top-notch services, combining expertise, innovation, and attention to detail to meet and exceed our clients' expectations, maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality assurance

Australian Owned with Integrity and Trust

As an Australian-owned company, we operate with integrity and trust, contributing to the local business landscape while ensuring a deep understanding of the unique legal terrain in Australia.

Trusted by Government and Top-Tier Law Firms

Our track record of being a trusted partner for both government agencies and top-tier law firms underscores our reliability, credibility, and ability to handle highly sensitive legal matters, embodying our commitment to integrity and trust.


Take advantage of a full service bureau at your fingertips.

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Rigorous security & confidentiality protocols for sensitive documentation.

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Innovative solutions to build in speed and efficiencies to your projects.

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Law In Order offers a comprehensive suite of services, meticulously categorised into three distinct pillars, to address the diverse needs of our clients. See specific Landing Pages for service descriptions - Speak with our experts to know more about all our services available


Document Solutions:
  • Document Production: Streamlining high-volume document production to enhance efficiency in legal processes. ​
  • Document Management: Implementing cutting-edge solutions for the organized and secure management of legal documents.
  • Training Programs: Providing ongoing training programs to empower clients with the knowledge to bolster their in-house capabilities.
  • Data Collection: Conducting efficient and thorough data collection processes for legal proceedings.​
  • Data Processing: Employing advanced techniques for the systematic processing of electronic data.
  • Review Platforms: Utilising advanced review platforms to analyse and manage vast amounts of legal information.
  • Expert Consultation: Offering expert consultation to navigate the complexities of eDiscovery and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  • Court Services: Specialised court services to facilitate seamless legal proceedings, including hearings.​
  • Virtual Hearings: Leveraging technology to conduct eHearings, ensuring accessibility and efficiency.
  • Technical Support: Providing continuous technical support during eHearings to guarantee a smooth and effective virtual courtroom experience.


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Step 4: Project or job commences and dedicated Account Manager and Consulantent to go through matter or project till completion (fast turnaround for jobs as quick as 24hrs)


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