Managed Document Review

Managed Document Review

What is Managed Document Review?

Litigation can attract significant costs for the parties involved and 70-75 per cent of this cost is usually attributed to the review of discovery. Our Managed Document Review service allows law firms and in-house legal teams to take advantage of on-demand facilities, expert project managers, industry leading software, and highly efficient review teams to deliver high quality, defensible, and cost-effective document reviews throughout Australia, Singapore, India and Hong Kong.

Law In Order can manage the entire lifecycle of review, from the creation of a review protocol to electronic processing, in a highly scalable environment. We utilise the industry leading document review platform Relativity in our secure data hosting environment which allows for online access to streamlined workflows in a collaborative, matter-specific workspace.

Why Law In Order?
  • Headquartered in Sydney, Australia and Hyderabad, India which means we can support law firms and in-house legal teams all over the world with review projects.
  • Thin client technology for 50 seats - scalable to 100 seats.
  • Scalable client technology infrastructure - centralised desktop platform.
  • Legally qualified reviewers and document review supervisors.
  • In-house capability for foreign language review.
  • Capability to scale to meet all size projects.

Why choose Managed Review?

  • Law In Order utilises Relativity Assisted Review (RAR) to conduct its defensible and market wide accepted TAR (sometimes referred to as ‘predictive coding’) workflow. TAR is a feature of Relativity that uses a search technology called categorisation to teach Relativity how to determine whether a document is responsive or non-responsive, as well as what issues apply to that document.
  • Relativity Analytics includes a range of ground breaking and unique technologies that reduce the number of documents requiring review and identify ideas and concepts within the document population. This facilitates the implementation of workflows which not only result in an efficient, time-saving review but also increases the accuracy of reviewer choices providing consistency in review outcomes.
  • Our rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) program ensures defensibility by mitigating the need for “re-review” of documents by the legal team. These QA processes are implemented throughout the review ensuring that the performance of reviewers can be closely monitored, facilitating real time updates for the legal team and to the end client.
  • Regular reporting and communication provides reassurance that the review is being completed to a high standard and in a timely manner.

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