Murali Baddula

Chief Digital Officer

Murali Baddula is the Chief Digital Officer at Law In Order and has more than 20 years experience in litigation support services. He has also created Law In Order’s Innovation Labs with a group of our internal consulting and development experts who are enthusiastic and think outside the box. In this role, he collaborates with our inhouse teams and external clients to design and implement workflows and new tools to make life easier.

Prior to becoming Chief Digital Officer, Murali was Vice President of eDiscovery and Head of eDiscovery at Law In Order, assisting legal teams by offering technical solutions and workflows.

With more than two decades of experience in litigation support, eDiscovery, consulting, project management, forensic investigations and software development, he understands the complexities of unstructured data and can offer solutions to make electronically stored information available for search, retrieval and review in a legally defensible manner.

Before joining Law In Order, he worked as Head of Analytics in one of Australia’s leading legal technology firms. Murali holds a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, a Masters in Information Systems and a Graduate Diploma in Management.