Your 24/7 Legal Solution Partner

Your 24/7 Legal Solution Partner

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Since 1999, Law In Order has partnered with over 2,000 law firms in Asia Pacific to provide tailored legal solutions.

From legal printing and scanning to eDiscovery and eTrials, Law In Order combines the latest legal technology with the most advanced document and digital solutions to support firms to run matters efficiently and effectively. Law In Order prides itself on a reputation of innovation and versatility in delivering exceptional customer service and quality to our clients.

How we help

Consulting  | eDiscovery | eTrials | Legal document production | Arbitration support

Stay on top of the largest discoveries, matters and projects with our consulting and project management services. We can help assess your needs, establish where we can assist and start working with you almost immediately.
No matter how many documents you need to review, or how tight your deadlines are, we can help. Law In Order offers a flexible, scalable eDiscovery service that empowers clients to reduce the time, cost and scope of discoveries. Our online document review solutions let you stay in control of information by combining collaborative tools with powerful search techniques to help the litigation process run smoothly.
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Law In Order offers cost effective customised solutions through a team of highly skilled resources, with many years’ experience in the provision of eCourt and eTrial services. Using an extensive network of specialised business partners, we deliver services to clients within and outside of the major Australian capital cities.
Legal document production
Whether you are printing or scanning a handful of pages, or photocopying boxes of folders - no job is too big or small. You can be confident that your documents will be handled with care and expertise.

View our video on Document Production at Law In Order
Arbitration support
Law In Order offers everything required to run a successful electronic arbitration. Whether you are setting up an electronic hearing room, running a case remotely or simply presenting electronic evidence, Law In Order can help you run any arbitration effectively and efficiently. Law In Order is an experienced provider of arbitration services. Our expertise, software, hosting and hardware meet the requirements of arbitration with no hidden costs.

Why choose Law In Order?
  • Around the clock support
  • Secure and confidential
  • Quality Assurance
  • Online ordering and tracking 


"Running trials can be difficult. Running trials from a suitcase is impossible, without great support. We recently ran a trial in the Supreme Court of Queensland. Leading up to trial, your team assisted us with filing and collating documents (at times on very short notice). Your team assisted us to quickly brief our Brisbane counsel. Your team then helped to set up an office and with ‘emergency’ copying and stationery packs (in the early hours of the morning). Your team helped us to get the trial on and then bring it back to our office. Nothing was ever too hard. Everything was done professionally. Everyone was polite and easy to work with. The trial would have been much more difficult without your assistance." 
Sonya Marsden, Gilbert + Tobin

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