Bring your case to life

Bring your case to life

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No matter the size of your case, presenting evidence electronically will allow you to run a more powerful trial or arbitration. Harness the power of technology to manage and present evidence in court, and bring your case to life​.

  • eCourt books
  • eBriefs
  • Tender bundles
  • eDiscovery
  • Evidence presentation
"The eCourts team at Law In Order have been superb in the delivery of an efficient and effective electronic trial. As a first time user of an eCourt, I found the management and presentation of evidence drastically reduced the amount of hearing days necessary." - Senior Associate, Top Tier Law Firm

eCourt books, eBriefs, Tender bundles
Comply with each court’s individual requirements and present your evidence in the best possible light. Law In Order takes the administrative burden away from you by preparing eCourt books, eBriefs and Tender bundles in all major Australian jurisdictions.
  • Review documents and references easily within one convenient book
  • Find what you’re looking for faster with features such as hyperlinking, filtering, searchable text, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Reduce paper consumption and eliminate the need to carry multiple folders to court or store folders after the matter is over

Reduce time, cost and scope of discoveries. Our online document review solution lets you stay in control of information by combining collaborative tools with powerful search techniques to help the litigation process run smoothly. Our team of eDiscovery experts are here to assist and advise you throughout the eDiscovery process.
  • Reduce risk associated with identifying, collecting, and analysing electronic data
  • Easily and effectively present electronic evidence in court-approved formats  
  • All stages catered for - forensic analysis to evidence presentation
  • Compatible with all major eDiscovery software, including Ringtail, Relativity, Nuix

Evidence presentation
Evidence management software enables all parties to search and showcase documents and evidence easily in court. This is particularly powerful when evidence includes graphics, diagrams, plans, videos, x-rays and audio, and can significantly increase the court’s understanding of the evidence presented, leading to a more influential presentation. 

We offer everything you need to run a successful electronic litigation or arbitration. Whether you are setting up an electronic courtroom, running a case remotely or simply presenting electronic evidence, we can help you manage matters more efficiently than ever before.

  • Utilise both court supplied facilities and our own
  • Present real-time evidence to remote witnesses
  • Support forensic and expert evidence
To find out more about our Electronic Evidence solutions, please call 1300 004 667 or email

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