98% of clients would recommend Law In Order's services

98% of clients would recommend Law In Order's services

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Law In Order’s document production services support your business by providing fast, precise and customised solutions in both electronic and print formats, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


Our Document Production services include:
  • Copy
  • Print
  • Scan
  • Code
  • Data Entry

Copy and Print
Get any job done securely and efficiently with our photocopying and print services. From a folder of documents to multiple boxes, we treat your documents with care and diligence to ensure a quality job.

We can reduce or enlarge the size of your documents, laminate and bind and tailor the way information is presented. That way you can always receive your information in the format that suits you best.
• Appeal books and court book preparation and printing
• A5 transaction bibles
• Oversized printing
• Brief preparation
• Reproduction of hard copy files

You can always rely on Law In Order with your document needs. We work on these types of documents day in and day out, and have the expertise to ensure your photocopy and print projects are done right every time.

Make your information more navigable, searchable and readable by turning your physical documents into electronic ones.

We can scan and digitise your documents and files so that your information is presented uniformly.
• Optimise colour palette and resolution for easier reading
• Digitise and re-size non-standard documents such as receipts
• Fast turnaround suits even the most urgent matters

Manage cases more effectively with our document coding services. We use the latest technology to make sure you get the best quality coding cost-effectively.

Easily review all your information from one platform by searching, filtering, culling and even tagging documents based on your own criteria.

Our highly-trained and experienced coders understand legal terminology and legal documents. Which means we can objective code documents based on protocols specific to your practice or matter. Alternatively, you can choose to modify Law In Order’s coding protocols to suit your needs.
• Rename documents to make them more logical and easy to find
• Catalogue documents through indexing and bibliographic coding
• Suits one off and recurring projects

Data Entry
Our accurate and efficient data entry team also takes the pain away from even the largest data entry jobs, freeing your resources so you can concentrate on the bigger picture.
• Fast, reliable and confidential
• Suits any size project
• Convert files from hard copy to electronic
• Convert PDFs into editable documents

To find out more about our Document Production solutions, please call 1300 004 667 or email focus@lawinorder.com.au

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