Transforming Voice Data to Text with Machine Learning

We offer a flexible, automated, speech-to-text software solution supported by the powerful Speechmatics speech recognition engine*.


Supports Multiple Accents

A Global English language pack supports all major English accents for automated speech recognition.


Tick-(1).pngSupports a wide range of languages

Tick-(1).pngCustom dictionary can be created for unique words and abbreviations, eg. names, abbreviations, acronyms and industry jargon

Tick-(1).pngImproves efficiency of workflows

Tick-(1).pngSupports multiple audio and video file formats

Tick-(1).pngTrack your progress with Law In Order connectors

Tick-(1).pngUp-front duplication process with recognition of file duration and number of audio channels in the file

Tick-(1).pngEnables keyword searching of audio files

Tick-(1).pngData remains secure in our environment

Tick-(1).pngImproved readability via advanced punctuation and speaker change detection


One Stop Language Shop

A wide choice of languages are available for use.


For more information, contact our expert team.

*Speechmatics is a machine-based conversion of audio to text. Accuracy levels depend on the quality of the audio and spoken text. Law In Order do not provide legal and court transcription services. The speech-to-text software solutions we offer do not guarantee to provide a verbatim record of audio file content and should not be relied upon to produce transcripts intended to be used as evidence.