Accessing & Reproducing Subpoenaed Documents

Accessing & Reproducing Subpoenaed Documents

What is Accessing & Reproducing Subpoenaed Documents?

When it comes to accessing subpoenaed documents at Court, Tribunals and Commissions, we have considerable experience with all jurisdictions and understand the individual needs and procedural requirements of each jurisdiction. We have good relationships with the courts and registry staff which allows us to complete your request in a timely fashion.

We can access and copy subpoenaed documents in all Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth CBD jurisdictions including:

  • Supreme Court
  • Family Court
  • Federal Court
  • Federal Circuit Court
  • Local Court
  • District Court
  • County Court
  • Magistrates Court of Victoria
  • Land and Environment Court
  • Workers Compensation Commission
  • Industrial Relations Commission
  • Various Tribunals including Administrative Appeals, Administrative Decisions, Dust Diseases and various Professional Boards.

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We can ensure that your request will meet all the procedural requirements specific to your jurisdiction. This means less time wasted, less court frustration and an appropriately professional image for your firm.

We provide the following services:

  • Access subpoenaed documents in all courts, commissions and tribunals within the CBD
  • Supreme Court NSW approved copy firm - Uplifting subpoenaed documents from the Supreme Court pursuant to Practice Note SC Gen 3 for the purpose of copying documents produced (including x-rays and electronic material such as CD's, audio tapes and VCR tapes
  • On-site photocopying of subpoenaed documents in all other courts
  • Accessing, inspecting and photocopying court files
  • Court filing
  • Attendance before Duty Registrar on behalf of our clients to obtain orders regarding access to subpoenaed documents
  • Free delivery of documents within the CBD area

You can rely on us to take care of your Court Copying needs, while you concentrate on the more complex aspects of your case to ensure timely completion. For Court Copy forms, please click here.

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