Visual Litigation Services: Presentation Impacts Results

Visual Litigation Services: Presentation Impacts Results

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It’s not all about the facts. What matters is how well you present the facts.

Law In Order can assist in making your arguments more compelling by using engaging visual technology in your next hearing.

Our new visualisation service uses immersive 3D environments which allows observation from different points of view, eg. witness, victim or suspect.

When you need to accurately depict an environment or object in a legal context such as a construction dispute or an accident or crime scene, virtual reality can offer an unprecedented sense of presence and empathy, and save costs compared to physical site visits.

Offering more precise and accurate descriptions of environments, scenes and objects, virtual reality allows users to interact with objects that look and feel like the real world. Objects have scale and potential for interaction. It’s also possible to take accurate measurements in every direction, build timelines, overlay date and much more.

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