Innovation & Technology Enhancing Service Delivery

Innovation & Technology Enhancing Service Delivery

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Our Innovation Lead, Murali Baddula, has been busy working with our eDiscovery, Production, Sales and development teams to create new tools to enhance our clients' end-to-end service experience.

Print Preparation Automation

In the last quarter, we developed a Print Preparation application that delivers time and cost savings for our clients by automating our end to end process. Backed up by the powerful Nuix engine, the application simplifies hectic workflows and contains all processes in one application from data source to print set. Even a non-technical operator can follow the end to end workflow to finalise the print set.

By reducing many manual hours of labour for our print preparation teams, the savings can be passed on to clients.

Automated Credit Application

We were looking for a faster and more efficient process for onboarding of new clients. Our Innovation Labs joined forces with our Sales team with the aim of improving decision speed for the client and efficiency in the overall process.

Web-enabled decision systems represent best practice. As such, we have introduced automated client onboarding with an online credit application, streamlining the end-to-end administration of new credit applications by doing away with paper based applications.

In doing so, we have achieved an improved turnaround from client application to decision; from sales enquiry to account and enhanced our client relationships.

Also, the software enables a consistent approach to effectively manage decisions, achieving greater client satisfaction.


We have now installed LiveChat on our website to answer any immediate queries. The LiveChat currently operates during business hours.

We can now provide instant answers to queries in real time, delivering the fastest way to assist our clients. Instead of waiting for someone to return a phone call or email, not knowing how long it will take, a client service agent is always available.

Rather than the time-consuming back and forth of email, queries can often be resolved in one LiveChat session.

LiveChat also enables our clients to multi-task while they obtain the information they need. Clients can submit a query and keep working while our client service agent is replying.

Our aim was also to build stronger relationships with our clients and people who visit our website, and LiveChat provides another way to stay in touch.

Audio Transcription Application

We have recently introduced Audio Transcription, an application that transforms speech to text using machine learning. The technology puts clients in control using speech recognition technology, producing highly accurate transcripts. It supports all accents, has a huge choice of languages and has the ability to add new words into the dictionary that are relevant to your matter in real-time. The application is powered by Speechmatics, a partner of Nuix.

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Payment Gateway

In September, we launched Payment Gateway. Clients can now pay their invoices with a click of a button from the invoice or statement. Most of the data will have been filled in for clients, except their credit card details. It is a simple and easy process without credit card surcharges or transaction fees. Payment Gateway is powered by St George PayWay.

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