Take a Step Up Into RelativityOne

Take a Step Up Into RelativityOne

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Law In Order remains at the forefront of legal technology in a move to RelativityOne.

RelativityOne is a new, cloud-based version of Relativity with data being securely stored in Australia. It is the industry-leading platform to conduct eDiscovery in the cloud with security, performance and flexibility.

There are a number of advantages. Users will benefit from the same Relativity experience but the platform will always be up-to-date with the latest innovations, features and enhancements. RelativityOne is also a highly secure, high performing platform.

The time and costs associated with eDiscovery and evidence management are reduced and the tools required to tackle unique challenges through every phase of a project are provided by RelativityOne.

The storage is highly elastic and computer resources automatically scale to increase performance as required by any project.

Law In Order has been a partner of Relativity's since 2009 so has a highly skilled team of RelativityOne certified consultants ready to share their knowledge and expertise.

RelativityOne is accessible from anywhere in the world without the need to install software.

Best of all, users will find greater value and efficiencies at the same price.

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