Law In Order Partners with VIQ to Deliver Advanced Court Solutions

Law In Order Partners with VIQ to Deliver Advanced Court Solutions

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Law In Order, a leading provider of end-to-end document and digital solutions, will partner with VIQ Solutions, a global provider of digital voice and video capture technology, and transcription services to offer an advanced solution and services suite for court users.

The partnership includes Law In Order’s global eHearing and eArbitration services, and VIQ Solutions’ professional recording and transcription services. The combined solution delivers evidence indexing, presentation and collaboration tools along with immediate access to a live transcript feed that can be reviewed from within the courtroom or a remote location.

As technology plays an increasing role at court, innovative solutions are required to keep step with modern advancements. The Law In Order – VIQ Solutions partnership brings together deep industry knowledge, advances in artificial intelligence and the highest level of professional client service to support clients successfully through this transformation.

Law In Order is a service provider for the government and has undergone rigorous security reviews including evaluation and rating by a Federal agency. Our security extends to personnel clearance, premises, procedures, protocols, transportation of evidence, storage and information technology. VIQ Solutions staff hold, at a minimum, a National Police Clearance and they maintain a roster of baseline-vetted and NV1-cleared transcriptionists for Protected and Secret work.

“One of our key objectives has always been to provide meaningful change when designing solutions for clients in order to advance the legal profession globally. Our new partnership with VIQ Solutions will usher in an exciting new era in legal technology innovation that will enhance the rule of law and improve access to justice while also making a lawyer’s life easier and more productive,” said Elizabeth Miller, Global Head of eHearing Services at Law In Order.

“I look forward to deepening our existing relationship with Law In Order to deliver digital innovation to support the judicial process in Australia,” said Matthew Fowler, Managing Director APAC. “By combining our highly accurate, real-time transcription services with Law In Order’s dynamic remote court document collaboration solutions we will create a truly digitalised, streamlined and effective solution for our court and legal clients.”

The combined solution is supported by Law In Order’s full eHearing services. Whether setting up a temporary electronic hearing room, running a case remotely, presenting electronic evidence or holding a mediation, Law In Order offers everything needed to run a smooth and efficient eHearing, eArbitration or eMediation by utilising technology that is simple to use and highly effective at presenting evidence. Law In Order can support in-person, remote and hybrid hearings of any kind.


About Law In Order

Established in 1999, Law In Order has grown to become the leaders in Bimodal Legal Support, providing scalable, end-to-end outsourced support services to the legal profession. We are unique in that we optimise your resources with our services so that you get more from less. We call this a “bimodal” approach and it helps enable winning outcomes on each and every case. Our expert services add real value to high volume document production, expert eDiscovery management and specialist court services, including virtual hearings. Our expertise in both traditional and modern technology-based services means we are a highly effective single-source provider for even the most complex of matters. With offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and India, our staff are experienced legal litigation support professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week

About VIQ Solutions Inc.

VIQ Solutions is a global provider of secure, AI-driven, digital voice and video capture technology and transcription services. VIQ offers a seamless, comprehensive solution suite that delivers intelligent automation, enhanced with human review, to drive transformation in the way content is captured, secured, and repurposed into actionable information. The cyber-secure, AI technology and services platform are implemented in the most rigid security environments including criminal justice, legal, insurance, media, government, corporate finance, media, and transcription service provider markets, enabling them to improve the quality and accessibility of evidence, to easily identify predictive insights and to achieve digital transformation faster and at a lower cost.

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