Helping You Meet the Challenges of  Working From Home or Remotely

Helping You Meet the Challenges of Working From Home or Remotely

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With the current unpredictability of restrictions and lockdowns across Australia, legal teams need to be ready to work from home or remotely at a moment’s notice. We can help.

We can provide the support you need. We are operating business as usual to help legal teams – 24/7, 365 days a year.

Manage Jobs Online

Use our online Job Management System (JMS) to log and track your jobs online - anytime, anywhere. Also, our File Transfer Protocol allows clients to share electronic data securely with us. With the latest security enhancements on both JMS and FTP, clients can be assured data is safe.


If you require delivery, we will discuss the best place for delivery for minimal risk to both organisations and can arrange couriers to your home if required.

Matter Support

The restrictions and lockdowns can present other challenges for legal teams, particularly around data collection, document production, document review, running conferences or having interruptions to hearings.

We can help with:

Document Production (Print, Scan, Copy) 

Our operations team can assist with urgent and large scale document printing and all aspects of trial bundle preparation. We can also collate, code and produce chronological or hyperlinked lists and indexes.

Electronic Data Processing

Deduplication and filtering of electronic data for document review and speedy retrieval of information for easy access anywhere.

Data Collection Services

Our Digital Forensics specialists can collect data from sources including hard drives, mobile phones, laptops, file servers and cloud based repositories globally. Assisted self-collection using pre-configured devices and other remote collection services can be made available as needed.

Document Review

Collaborate with your team and review documents from anywhere with our eDiscovery platforms.  You can access your documents wherever you have an internet connection. Collaborate with multiple parties, track activities related to the case (including time sheets, documents reviewed and more), and delegate tasks to your team all within a secure web-based platform.  

Remote Hearings, Arbitrations and Mediations 

Our eHearings team can assist with multi party/multi-location virtual proceedings where travel is restricted. The virtual proceeding can simulate all the necessary components common in an arbitration, mediation or court room infrastructure.

Remote Conferences/Meetings

Our video conferencing solution utilises the latest technology to create a simple to use and extremely effective system for the connection of multiple attendees using various types of platforms such as PC, MAC, Mobile Device or Tablet. Break-out rooms are also available.

To find out more about how we can support you and your team please contact us.

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