A New Era in International Arbitration for Law In Order at Maxwell Chambers Suites

A New Era in International Arbitration for Law In Order at Maxwell Chambers Suites

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6 August 2019 - Law In Order’s new Maxwell Chambers Suites are now open in Singapore, ushering in an exciting new era for Law In Order’s international eArbitration services.

Maxwell Chambers Suites are an integrated alternative dispute resolution (ADR) complex with hearing rooms and facilities for the conduct of ADR hearings in Singapore.

Established in 1999, Law In Order is the premier provider of high-quality digital trial solutions for the legal industry in Asia and Australia, and also perform services in many other locations in the world, such as the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague.

With offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Australia, Law In Order offer expert litigation support to government agencies and law firms, with cost-effective document production, eDiscovery and eArbitration solutions. A team of experienced legal technologists tailor innovative eArbitration services specifically for each matter.

Law In Order’s eArbitrations team bring cutting-edge technology and services so that every aspect of running a smooth and efficient eArbitration is covered. This includes setting up a temporary electronic hearing room, running a case remotely or simply presenting electronic evidence.

The suite of innovative and tech-savvy services provided by Law In Order at Maxwell Chambers Suites includes Remote Witness and Video Conferencing Services, On-Line Review and Tribunal Books, Sophisticated Evidence Presentation, Video Conferencing, Defensible Data Collection and Document Processing Services (Electronic and Hard copy).

Other specialist solutions offered by the eArbitrations team include Private Web Streaming, solutions for eBriefs and consulting to enhance Opening and Closing Submissions.

Supported by an office in Singapore, the Law In Order team are available to assist clients 24/7, 365 days a year.

“While our Singapore office also offers the full suite of our eArbitration services, being based at Maxwell Chambers as well allows us to assist clients faster by being closer to them during their eArbitration. Our Singapore office can be open for as long as required depending on your matter and this ensures that clients have unrestricted access to the services they require,” Elizabeth Miller, Global Head of eHearings said.

“By being based at Maxwell Chambers Suites, we are able to create significant efficiencies for our clients. We can respond quicker to the client’s matter, helping save them significant time and costs,” Julian McGrath, Managing Director of Law In Order said.

Law In Order have a permanent team of lawyers, paralegals, senior IT professionals, legal consultants and project managers. The team has the skills and background to support clients globally when planning Arbitrations or simply preparing evidence and witnesses.

For further information, contact our team.

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