Preparation of an Electronic Appeal Book

Preparation of an Electronic Appeal Book

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  • Posted on 10 May 2019

The Family Court of Australia is progressing toward the exclusive use of electronic Appeal Books. Family Law matters can be especially stressful for lawyers and their clients for whom the matter is deeply personal. This was the case for a recent client who came to us needing an electronic appeal book, in an expedited matter.

Our client reached out to us as she had not prepared one previously. She was working to a tight time frame and did not have access to the technical tools and knowledge to complete the appeal book to the very particular specifications that the Court required. Our client provided the procedural order and the documents, and we took care of the rest so that she could focus on the substantive parts of the matter. 

Once the book was completed to the Court’s requirements, had been filed and served by email, Counsel requested the book be printed out for inclusion in his brief. We could also accommodate this request in addition to the electronic component and arrange for delivery directly to chambers, again saving our client additional work, time and costs in arranging delivery from regional New South Wales. 

The advent of electronic appeal books increases efficiency and reduces costs and while Law In Order are experts in the Court’s requirements, we can also accommodate specific requests to aid the lawyer and Counsel to achieve the best results for their client.

How We Can Help 

Law In Order has a wealth of experience preparing Appeal Books in all Australian jurisdictions, as well as the technical know-how to ensure your Appeal Book is compliant with the new requirements. 

Law In Order will:

  • Digitise any hard copy material
  • Prepare an index and title page
  • Review documents against the index, checking for inconsistencies, missing pages and markings
  • Convert documents to the correct electronic file format
  • Create and label bookmarks
  • Make the Appeal Book text-searchable
  • Set up the file with the correct display settings
  • Prepare the certificate of compliance with the necessary declaration

All that’s left for you to do is complete a final review, sign the certificate and email the Registry and parties. 

Law In Order will take the stress out of Appeal Book preparation so that you can focus on your client and the matter at hand.

What Our Clients Say

"Due to one party pulling out at the last minute, the responsibility was cast upon our client to file the final appeal book - which was literally due yesterday - with the appeal to commence two business days later.  The experienced staff at Law In Order understood exactly what was required and the urgency of the situation.  After receipt of the necessary material, the job was turned around in a matter of hours.  Not only did Law In Order file the necessary copies with the court (both in electronic and hard copy format), but they also delivered copies to our counsel and our opponents.  The exceptional service provided by Law In Order took all the stress out of the situation, which was most welcome.  I also considered the service to be excellent value for money and would not hesitate in recommending Law In Order to other practitioners."

Chris Moore, Partner
Hicksons Lawyers

For more information, contact our Appeal Books team.


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